The Underpants

Some lives are shaped by tragedy, some by art, and others by underpants falling down in public. This play spins the farcical tale of five lives reborn from one accidental act of indecency.

The Underpants
by Steve Martin, Adapted from Carl Sternheim
June 26 - August 11
In the Keating Theatre


Director     |    Bruce Jordan*
Scenic Designer     |    Bob Phillips*
Costume Designer     |    Sarah Bertolozzi*
Lighting Designer     |    Jeffrey Cady*
Theo Maske     |    Gil Brady*
Louise Maske     |    Jennifer Joan Thompson
Gertrude Deuter     |    Mary Ann Conk
Frank Versati     |    Danny Bernardy
Benjamin Cohen     |    Daryl Embry*
Klinglehoff     |    Chet Carlin

"Side-splittingly funny" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Delicious script" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Naughty fun" - Sarasota Magazine

"Laugh-laden evening" - The Observer

“Laugh out loud funny” – The New York Times

"An irreverent, sexy comedy.” – Sacramento Press

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