Clearly Invisible: Magic Up Close with Carl Seiger

Clearly Invisible… Magic Up Close with Carl Seiger combines illusion, jazz, and storytelling. While reminiscing about his life as a magician, Seiger invites audiences to find out what's up his sleeves as he performs sleight of hand up close. There is magic, and then there is Magic. Interactive in every sense of the word, "Clearly Invisible" combines illusion, music, and humor to stretch the boundaries of conventional theatre.

Creator, Writer, Co-Producer     |     Carl Seiger
Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Music Coordinator     |     Maura Seiger
Lighting Design and Magic Consultant     |     Nick Felix
Sound & Music Editing     |     Sam Sorrentino
Technical Support     |     Mike Warshaw

Magician     |     Carl Seiger
Voice Over     |     Rodney Dugas


CARL SEIGER (Magician, Creator, Writer, Co-Producer) Carl has been working as a sleight-of-hand magician for more than thirty years and has been involved in the world of magic for nearly forty years. He performs nationwide for audiences in a variety of venues ranging from stage and cabaret shows to corporate meetings and private parties. Since 1996, he has personally produced and designed one-man theatrical shows that merge the illusion of theater with the art of magic. These shows have consistently received widespread critical and audience acclaim. In between theater shows, he concentrates on performing at private and corporate events. Carl has now revived these theater shows with a new version of Clearly Invisible...Magic Up-Close with Carl Seiger created and produced specifically for Florida Studio Theatre. Carl is committed to bringing fine magic to the forefront. He taught himself, and specializes in what the trade calls sleight-of-hand magic, a special brand of the mysterious art. He invests countless hours of practice with fastidious attention to detail, always striving to improve. Rarely does a day pass that Carl has not practiced. His magic is not about the flash and dazzle of special effects. Sleight-of-hand is differentiated from other styles primarily by the type of props used (coins, cards, a wine glass, a length of rope) and the performing conditions...(“close-up”) whether it is performed in the audience’s hand, or onstage. Carl is a native of the Berkshires Hills of Massachusetts; he lives on a mountaintop in Tyringham with his wife, Maura, their two cats, Rylie and Francesca, and Kaiser, their Belgian Malinois Shepard. His other interests include reading, music, kayaking, golf, and nature, specifically the cosmos.

MAURA SEIGER (Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Music Coordinator) Maura brings a wide variety of talent to this show. She is Carl’s wife and business partner, and she adds a degree in law, extensive business experience, and a trained, artistic eye to the mix. When talking about magic and rehearsal, Carl says that “Maura has seen everything... if I can get it by her, I can satisfy anyone.” They have been working together for over twenty-five years, share a deep respect for the art of magic, and work to preserve the wonderful history and roots of this art. Her other passions are nature, all genres of music, photography, golf, gardening, kayaking... and she’s a really good cook, too.

NICK FELIX (Lighting Design and Magic Consultant) Nick and Carl have collaborated on magic shows for many years. Nick, a magic student of Carl’s, is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He began his production career as an actor, performing in plays and working in theater since he was a young boy. Nick grew a passion for stage production, and by his late teens he had apprenticed in theatrical costume design and production. He has assisted with shows from Las Vegas to New York and is dedicated to creating unique shows. He continues to bring magic and entertainment to audiences across the country.

SAM SORRENTINO (Sound & Music Editing) Sam owns and operates Cutting Edge Video in Lee, MA, and has worked with Carl for many years, creating wonderful music and sound editing. Sam is an outstanding graduate of the University of New Haven, CT with a degree in communications. His clients include Tanglewood, The Norman Rockwell Museum, The Mahawie Theater, The Beacon Theater and the Berkshire Theater Festival. 

RODNEY DUGAS (Voice Over) Rodney has introduced Carl with his voice for years. He is an actor and antique dealer from Canaan, CT. Rodney and Carl met when Rodney needed to vanish an item for a production of Damn Yankees!

MIKE WARSHAW (Technical support) A brilliant designer from Lee, MA.

"Impressive" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Slick performance" - The Observer

"Illusions, magic tricks, humor, and storytelling" -

"Magical" - Venice Gondolier

"Be prepared to be dazzled"