...And L.A. Is Burning

It’s April, 1992. America awaits the verdict of the four policemen indicted for beating Rodney King. For Haddie, a white, middle-aged government worker, the world is very straightforward: your race and your class determine the world you live in. This naïve viewpoint often leads to a comical perspective on her reality. For Alvin, Haddie’s African-American co-worker, life is about getting ahead. And for Sylvia, an academic from the East Coast, the world must be changed. Set against the backdrop of the Rodney King trial and the subsequent L.A. riots, playwright Y York’s new play is a comedy with serious implications as it explores a world in which well-intentioned liberalism, racism, and reality collide.


Director  |  Kate Alexander
Stage Manager  |  Kelli Karen*
Scenic Designer  |  Lauren Feldman
Costume Designer  |  Marcella Beckwith
Lighting Designer  |  Bruce Price
Sound Designer  |  Andrew Harper


Sylvia  |  Celeste Ciulla*
Haddie  |  Susan Greenhill*
Alvin  |  Leeland Durond Thompson*