American Pie

American Pie by Richard Hopkins and Rebecca Hopkins

In 1964 the Beatles came to America and the British Invasion began. In response a second American Revolution occurred. Artists such as Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan paved the way for Neil Diamond, Carole King, Billy Joel, and more. Featuring songs such as “Cecilia,” “Sweet Caroline,” "Tambourine Man," and “It's Still Rock N Roll To Me”

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Director   |   Russell Treyz

Music Director   |   Ben Krauss

Scenic/Costume Designer   |   Susan Angermann

Lighting Designer   |   Mike Wood

Sound Designer   |   Tony Angelini



Joey Barreiro

Tony Bruno*

Joe Casey*

Sarah Hund*

Ben Mackel*


*Denotes Returning FST Company Member

"Richly entertaining" - Venice Gondolier

"Powerful singing" - Venice Gondolier

"A slice of sixties song served hot" - The Observer

"Talented performers" - The Observer


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