Playwriting 101-301

Our three-level Playwriting program is designed both as an introduction for new playwrights as well as a brush-up for seasoned dramatists. We’ll begin by exploring fundamental tools like formatting, character, dialogue, and setting. Then, we’ll progress to a deeper exploration of theatrical conventions. As you master these techniques, you will move from short homework assignments and in-class prompts to the roundtable level of workshopping original writing you bring from home. Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to hear your work aloud not only in class, but also in front of a live audience as part of Mixed Nuts, a student performance.

Playwriting 101: The Toolbox | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
An introduction class for the budding playwright or a brush-up for an experienced dramatist, Playwriting 101 focuses on the fundamental tools necessary to transform sparks of inspiration into fully realized theatrical stories.

Playwriting 201: Writing in 3D | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Theatre is the original 3D! Playwriting 201 will expand your writing toolbox as you begin to explore stage directions, embodied cognition, visual and aural cues, intrusions, props, and paneling. Weekly prompts will help you generate raw material for your first draft of a 10-minute play. By the end of this class, you will have revised your concept into a polished draft.

Prerequisite: Playwriting 101 or equivalent experience.

Playwriting 301: Roundtable *Online | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
This ongoing workshop is designed for serious, experienced playwrights. Students will work independently, bringing in pages of original work to share with the group each week. We will collectively read and discuss our writing, as we push the boundaries of each of our dramatic imaginations.

Prerequisite:  Playwriting 201 or equivalent experience.

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