Improv 101-601

FST’s six-class Improvisational program is designed to help students learn new styles and approaches to improvisation, all while evolving their skills, and most importantly…having fun! From playing short, improv games to exploring believable characters and scene work, to creating a fully-formed narrative as part of an ensemble, FST’s Improvisation classes will show students just how many ways they can push the genre.

Improv 101: Intro to Improvisation | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Discover the freedom of spontaneity! Designed for the beginning improviser, Intro to Improv allows students to explore creativity, hone presentation skills, and build self-confidence. In this class, we will focus on playing together, making others look good, and the basic tenets of “Yes, and...”. Under the guidance of our experienced Teaching Artist, every student learns they already have what it takes to improvise successfully both onstage and off.

Improv 201: Finding the Funny | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
In level two of our six-level Improvisation program, we’ll continue to build on the fundamentals of improv. In Improv 201, students are introduced to character creation, space work, and finding the game of the scene. With purpose-driven Short-Form games and finely tuned exercises, students will create rich characters, heighten relationships, and explore newly imagined environments.

Prerequisite: Improv 101 or equivalent experience.

Improv 301: The Game of the Scene | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Designed for the intermediate improviser, in Improv 301 we will move beyond Short-Form games and learn how to create strong open-scene work. This class focuses on building fully realized scenes with a scene partner. Students will learn how to discover their character, evolve a relationship, and make honest choices that advance the scene. As students create multiple scenes from a single point of inspiration, open-scene work fosters exploration, teamwork, and the beginning elements of Long-Form improv.

Prerequisite: Improv 201 or equivalent experience.

Improv 401: Intro to Long-Form | ENROLL
Let’s put it all together! Develop and refine your ability to work in an ensemble in Improv 401: Intro to Long-Form. Supported by your FST Teaching Artist, students will put together their own show highlighting skills learned in the first three levels. Students will also further explore Long-Form improv, building off game-driven scene work introduced in Level 301.

Prerequisite: Improv 301 or equivalent experience.

Improv 501: Narrative Long-Form | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Building off of Level 401, students will evolve from game-based play to narrative play. Explore a handful of core forms that help develop the single world nature of Narrative Long-Form. Students will learn how to create a world, develop characters, and perform stories over a series of scenes.

Prerequisite: Improv 401 or equivalent experience.

Now that you’ve learned the tools of Short-Form and Long-Form, we will put them all together to create something new. Free-Form is built on the concept of "follow the funny" and proposes that every single moment, beat, line and movement in a show can be deconstructed and used to lead you to the next scene. Discover a language and pattern in your improvisation that will help define form where there previously was no form.

Prerequisite: Improv 501 or equivalent experience.

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