Acting 101-401

Whether you’re a beginning performer or a seasoned actor looking to brush up on your skills, our four-level Acting program offers something for performers of all experience levels. Beginning with level one, we’ll explore a basic understanding of how to harness the voice, body, and emotions. Then, we’ll progress, diving into the power of monologue, the excitement of the scene, and the fulfillment of creating an entire short play with your fellow student actors. Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to share your work in front of a live audience as part of Mixed Nuts, a student performance.

Acting 101: Telling the Truth  | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Whether you are an aspiring performer or a curious theatre-lover looking to try something new, this introductory class is a fun and active exploration into the world of Acting. Learn physical and vocal techniques to strengthen your presence onstage. Then, through guided group exercises and in-class prompts, be inspired to create and perform your own personal and theatrical story. Students will develop presentation skills and build self-confidence, all while having fun in a creative learning environment.

Acting 201: The Monologue  | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Take the skills you learned in Acting 101 to the next level. Stretch your performance to discover even more emotional awareness, physical flexibility, and vocal expressiveness. Analyze scripts and characters as you begin to prepare and perform a monologue.

Acting 301: The Scene  | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
In Acting 301, you and a scene partner will continue to drill skills learned in Acting 101 and 201, while also rehearsing a full scene. Subtext, motivation, and behavior will all be added to your acting toolkit.

Acting 401: The Ensemble  |  NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
In Acting 401, the instructor will also become your director, as you and your fellow students rehearse and polish 10-minute plays. Everything you've learned in Acting 101, 201, and 301 will be called upon as you analyze the script and your character, and explore acting choices grounded in emotional truth.

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