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“I entered FST’s Professional Training Program hoping it would be a spring board into the theatre industry, and it most definitely was. I feel I was given the stability and opportunity to cultivate new talents and further hone existing skills. I feel like I was able to peek behind the curtain and see how the theatre world works. It gave me the knowledge, connections, and confidence to enter that world on my own terms, and prepare me for opportunities I never expected would come my way.”
- Benedict Burgess, Literary Intern 2019-2020, Marketing Fellow 2020-2021


“FST was truly monumental in my growth as an artist. It was exactly the kind of program I was looking for post-grad to understand what a life in professional theatre actually looks like, and what my place in it could be. I am sure that the skills, experiences, and community will stay with me as I continue on this journey, one that I am so much more prepared and excited for because of what I've learned.”
- Regina Famatigan, Acting Apprentice 2021-2022


“My experience at FST was very fruitful. Looking back, I can see how my skills and confidence as a stage manager grew over the course of the year through all of the ups and downs that came with bringing live theatre back in the midst of the pandemic. I feel that FST prepared me to step into the wider professional world and has helped me develop tools that I can use in a variety of contexts throughout my career.”
- Beck Trumbull, Stage Management Intern 2021-22


"I’m the theatre professional I am today because of my time in the FST Professional Training Program and the mentors I had along the way. I was shown constant support as I navigated the transition from college to the professional world and I will be forever grateful to the former interns and staff members who helped to nurture my strengths and push me to become more ingrained in the theatre community. I was given the opportunity to write and develop children’s theatre, cabarets, and grow as an improvisor and sketch writer, all while taking on administrative and front-of-house tasks. I was able to be a part of so many different departments and processes, it truly shaped me into a well-rounded theatre practitioner."
- Sarah Durham, Literary Intern 2018-2019, Playwriting Fellow 2019-20


“I learned so much from my time as an acting apprentice at FST! It was such an important part of my growth as a performer. I gained so much knowledge from the program, and was able to network and build connections with so many wonderful and accomplished theatre professionals. In my time at FST, not only did I develop my skills as a performer, but I also had the opportunity to work in so many different facets of the theatre world. It was such a fulfilling experience, and it has made me into the person I am today! I would definitely recommend it to any new actors or performers looking to build a solid foundation for their careers!”
- Eddie Weaver, Acting Apprentice 2021-22


“I came to Florida Studio Theatre hoping for a one-year internship that would help me start my career in arts administration. What I learned has made me an incredibly well-rounded arts administrator. The rigorous cross-departmental training was a major part of my understanding of the inner workings of a theatre company and is still a part of my day-to-day life in theatre management. While the training had made me a much stronger administrator, the program also thrives on the community that is Florida Studio Theatre. There were many people who were constantly in my corner and supporting me to be more effective in the industry.”
- JT Priar, General Management Intern 2019-20