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Dear Jack, Dear Louise

Written by Ken Ludwig

Directed by TBD


Rehearsals Begin – 6/11/2024

Previews – 7/3/2024, 7/4/2024

Show Opens – 7/5/2024

Show Closes – 8/4/2024

Possible extension(s) through – 8/18/2024

When two strangers meet by letter during World War II, a love story begins. Tony Award-winning playwright Ken Ludwig tells the joyous, heartwarming story of his parents’ courtship and the results are anything but expected. The two strangers meet by letter during World War II and embark on a romantic courtship amidst the uncertainty of war. Each time an envelope opens, audiences get a clearer glimpse into a beautiful love story – signed, sealed and delivered straight from the heart.


JACK LUDWIG – Male-presenting, early to late 30’s, any race/ethnicity. A military doctor stationed in Portland, Oregon. He has a reserved personality, but a keen sense of humor and warmth that Louise brings out of him. He is charismatic, kind and intelligent. Upstanding and honest.

LOUISE RABINER – Female-presenting, mid 20’s to early 30’s, any race/ethnicity. An aspiring actress and dancer in New York City. She is outgoing and stylish. Speaks her mind with intelligence and humor. Full of hope. Should have strong comedic abilities.




The Outsider

Written by Paul Slade Smith

Directed by Kate Alexander


Rehearsals begin – 7/2/2024

Show opens – 7/26/2024

Show closes – 8/11/2024

Possible extension(s) through – 8/25/2024

Ned Newley doesn't even want to be governor. He's terrified of public speaking; his poll numbers are impressively bad. To his ever-supportive Chief of Staff, Ned seems destined to fail. But political consultant Arthur Vance sees things differently: Ned might be the worst candidate to ever run for office. Unless the public is looking for... the worst candidate to ever run for office.


PAIGE CALDWELL – female presenting, any ethnicity. 20s to 40s. A professional pollster. A smart, confident woman with a professional’s view of politics: she sees it as a series of contests to be won.

DAVE RILEY – male presenting, any ethnicity. 30s to 40s. The Chief of Staff to the new Governor. Very smart, but—despite years of experience in government—endearingly earnest and naive on the subject of politics.

LOUISE PEAKES – female presenting, any ethnicity. 30s to 50s. A temporary employee hired as the Governor’s executive assistant. Personable, likable, impressively confident, and entirely inept. Without knowing it, she has the air of a politician about her. The friendliness of her smile, and the confident way she looks you in the eye, would make you think, “I’d vote for her.”

NED NEWLEY – male presenting, any ethnicity. 50s to 60s. The new Governor. A person of impressive ability, but a complete lack of confidence. A man awaiting permission to enter a room in which he is already standing.

ARTHUR VANCE – male presenting, any ethnicity. 50s to 60s. One of the most experienced and successful political consultants in the country. His overbearing personality, and confidence in his own opinions over the opinions of others, should make him dislikable, but his ego is more than tempered by the joy—even glee—he brings into the room. His excitement is 100% genuine, and it’s contagious.

RACHEL PARSONS – female presenting, any ethnicity. 30s. A TV reporter. She has the looks to be an on-air correspondent—though, if television had never been invented, she still would have been a journalist. Straightforward and honest, and inquisitive by nature. She’s seen enough of life—and politics—to be cynical, but she’s more apt to make a wry joke.

A.C. PETERSEN – male presenting, any ethnicity. 30s to 50s. A TV camera man. A working man, and—for most people—the guy you didn’t notice was there. Which is fine with A.C.; he has a low tolerance for idiocy, and would rather not interact with anyone. His near-silence doesn’t make him seem unfriendly, just a bit of a mystery.



LORT Non-Rep

$776 weekly minimum (LORT D)


Florida Studio Theatre is working towards becoming a more anti-racist and inclusive theatre. FST is thus committed to developing a work environment that is reflective of the diverse world that it serves.  People who share this belief are encouraged to audition.

Florida Studio Theatre is an established, five-stage non-profit, operating under LORT D, LORT D EXPERIMENTAL, and AGVA contracts located in Downtown Sarasota, FL.


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