VIP Performing Arts Program

Welcome to the Florida Studio Theatre School, where we believe all who are interested in learning the art of theatre should be able to do so. That’s why, since 1992, our VIP Performing Arts Program has offered theatre classes to individuals with physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges - completely free of charge.

In keeping with FST's mission “to make theatre accessible and affordable to as many people as possible,” this one-of-a-kind program creates a safe and supportive environment for students of all ages with special needs, allowing them to express themselves, gain confidence, and develop social skills through the art of theatre.

Led by FST’s team of professional resident teaching artists, our VIP Program is dedicated to meeting each student exactly where they are to nurture individual creativity.

We invite you or your loved one to discover an artistic home with the Florida Studio Theatre School.

The VIP Program is currently at capacity. For more information or to be put on the waitlist, contact Director of Education Josh Ford at 941.366.1350 or [email protected].

“FST’s VIP program is a lifeline for my girls! It has helped them grow, express, feel, love, and explore. The staff’s tireless patience, energy, creativity, friendship, humor, compassion, and plain love for our family is admirable and so appreciated. I cannot thank the creators, educators, and supporters of the VIP program enough for their support and vision for such an instrumental program in our lives.”

-Julie Audet, VIP Performing Arts Program Parent

“FST’s VIP program creates a rare opportunity for the students to grow and build their confidence level in a judgment-free environment. Our daughter has been able to gain the competency she lost during her years of cancer treatment through your program’s consistency and high levels of teaching. Students really thrive in your class!”

-Lorraine Durinzi, VIP Performing Arts Program Parent

“My daughter, Hannah, has been in the VIP program for three years. She absolutely loves it. It is the highlight of her week. She has gained so much from interacting with others who have special needs and are of different ages. Her confidence has increased to be an actor/performer, which is one of her life goals. I cannot say enough about the staff—they are fantastic educators and facilitators.”

-Gary Halperin,  VIP Performing Arts Program Parent

For Your Safety

Safety First! Amazing theatrical experience, a very close second.

These are the times that we need theatre the most; when we are examining our experiences collectively, listening to each other, and sharing our humanity through laughter and art.  But before we begin to dig in, these are the steps we’re taking to stay safe for any in-person classes:

Masks -  Students and staff will arrive in masks and wear masks until they are settled into the studio or theatre. They will also wear masks any time that they are transitioning from space to space

Distance - Social distancing will be observed and monitored at all times

Small Groups - We’re limiting the size of our camps in order to allow for maximum distance (with the added benefit of a high teacher to student ratio). Groups will not share rooms or teachers

Staggered Lunches and Movement – We’re making sure that our small groups stay together and separate from other groups

Rigorous Disinfecting and Sanitizing – We’re scheduling disinfecting and sanitizing into our class schedule and making it part of our messaging as well

Monitoring – There will be temperature checks upon arrival, regular monitoring, and when someone doesn’t feel well they will be asked to stay home.