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Poking Fun at the Place You Call Home with Will Luera

June 2, 2021

Will Luera has been a fixture of Sarasota’s blossoming improv scene since 2014, when he joined Florida Studio Theatre as its Director of Improv. Since then, Will and his family have made this little slice of paradise – with its countless roundabouts and annual New Years Eve pineapple drop – their home.

We sat down with Luera to learn more about FST Improv’s summer show, Life’s A Beach, as well as what makes the Suncoast such a special place for Luera and his family to live.

FST Improv returns this summer with Life’s A Beach, a show that pokes fun at all things Sarasota. How would you describe this show for someone who just moved here or a visitor for the weekend?

Life’s a Beach is a perfect way for newcomers to both learn about what makes Sarasota unique and the art of Improv. A few years ago, we noticed that our audiences loved laughing at the quirky aspects of our city, so we decided to create a whole show about it!

If you’re new to the area, or just visiting, you will learn about the famous landmarks around the city – like St. Armand’s Circle – as well as the unique habits of both our “Snowbirds” and the people, like me, who are fortunate to call this paradise home all year long.

Life’s A Beach has become a real fan-favorite, having appeared on FST’s stages year after year. What about this show do you think has made it so popular and enduring?

I believe that our audience – especially our returning audience members – appreciate our work in evolving the show to keep up with our ever-changing city. Every year there are different things about Sarasota to poke fun at! As performers and residents, we try our best to stay up-to-date on local events so we can integrate them all into our show.

This summer, we also have new games that will be rotated into the show for the first time. We always look forward to debuting new formats for our audience. After all, the show isn’t possible without you! Bring your best Sarasota inspirations and shout them out on Saturday night. We’ll try our best to work your idea into the show.

The Improv games featured in Life’s A Beach are all staples of FST Improv. Which game is your favorite to perform and what makes it so special for you?

Everywhere you go in Sarasota, you see works of art. Whether it’s art galleries or public displays of art, you can’t help but be surrounded by the creativity of our city. One of our favorite games is “The Pop-up Art Gallery” where we create works of “art” inspired by the audience and then take time to explain what they are. The game is highly interactive, and we sometimes get members of the audience up on stage to play as well.

Why should someone come check out Life’s A Beach this summer?

If you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at? Life’s a Beach is a humorous look at the wonderful city we call home. Have a seat, grab a drink, and come laugh at the quirky enclave on the Gulf Coast full of art, beautiful beaches, good food…and weird people from all over the world!

Life’s A Beach will play in FST’s Bowne’s Lab every Saturday night at 7:30PM through July 31. For tickets and more information, click here.

JUNE 2, 2021