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It's Unpredictable...But That Can Be Expected

April 22, 2024

Improvisation (noun): something that is created without preparation.

That’s the Oxford Dictionary’s explanation of improv, but what does it mean when it happens on stage, right in front of you?

What happens, of course, is magic; a spontaneous and incredible display of artistry and creation that will never be performed the same way again. Ever. Improv is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a singular moment in time, for both the creator and the audience. It’s just fun to watch.

“Improv is the way to capture the audience’s attention with hilarity, originality and purpose. If you’ve never been to an improv show, then you’re missing out on an incredible, performative craft,” said Will Luera, Florida Studio Theatre’s Director of Improv.

FST has been a regular home for improv for many years, hosting seasonal series and festivals that attract top talent from around the world. The 13th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival in 2023 featured more than 20 troupes, 80 artists and 29 performances.

Each improv season and festival bring new challenges for the performers, Luera said, but that’s part of the art form. It pulls the best from performers, and its why audiences love watching them work.

“Improv comedy is constantly evolving, its unpredictable by definition,” he said.

Details are still being worked out for the 14th Annual Improv Festival, but there’s plenty of improv magic happening on FST stages throughout the spring.

Bringing FST Improv’s 2024 spring season to a close is Comedy Roulette, a show about chance, skill, and high stakes. Featuring a mashup of short form, long form, and musical improv, audiences get the best of the art form when styles and techniques collide. No matter which way our wheel spins, odds are, you’re in for a great time at FST Improv’s Comedy Roulette.

Back for another season of laughter are returning improv cast members: Kevin Allen, Tayler Bungo, Christian Corpora, Sylvia Day, Sarah Durham, Darryl Knapp, Will Luera, Sal Piccolo, and Autumn Steiner. James Randolph is a new member joining FST Improv, and Helena Rankin will serve as the musical improviser on the piano at each performance.

Keep an eye out for information on the 14th Annual Sarasota Improv Comedy Festival. And, until then, go see something unexpected at FST Improv.