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He's Back - Meet Dan Faber of Creedence Clearwater Remixed!

September 27, 2023

Dan Faber has traveled around the world, performing in musicals like Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat and Hello Dolly! for over a decade. He’s also starred in operas, appeared in TV shows like HBO’s Crashing, and performed in shows at the Peoples Improv Theatre in New York City.

Now, he brings his versatility to FST with Creedence Clearwater Remixed!, a rousing music revue celebrating the musical pioneers of country rock: Creedence Clearwater Revival. We sat down with Dan Faber to talk about his favorite song to perform in Creedence Clearwater Remixed!, why the show resonates with him, and the best part of performing for Sarasota audiences.

Before getting involved with Creedence Clearwater Remixed!, what did you know about CCR? Was there anything that you were surprised to learn about the band?

Honestly, I didn't know much about CCR before joining the project. I was aware of them by band name only and had no idea that so many of the songs that I've been listening to for years were from Creedence Clearwater Revival. Learning how many amazing songs they had released, I assumed they must've been living the “good life,” but then I found out how tragic and tumultuous their story really was.

Do you have a personal connection to any of the songs in the show?

“Fortunate Son” was always a fun, upbeat song that I loosely associated with military movies, without ever really listening to the lyrics. My wife would tell you I don't know the words to any songs, and she isn't wrong!

This song really resonates with me as someone who has been somewhat fortunate, but not nearly as fortunate as many. I certainly wasn't, as the song says, "born with silver spoon in hand." I especially connect with having to work hard and overcome as opposed to those who didn’t.

What is your favorite song to perform in the show and why?

I love singing “Bad Moon Rising.” A big part of the fun of Creedence Clearwater Remixed! is that the show is just that: a remix. With “Bad Moon Rising,” we really lean into the comedy of the spooky, ominous lyrics, and make it a more playful tune that's a little different at every performance.

Creedence Clearwater Remixed! is now playing in FST’s Goldstein Cabaret. How does the intimacy and atmosphere of the Cabaret impact the show?

There's nothing like singing in a Cabaret setting. It's so much more personal and impactful getting to really connect with our audience. Creedence Clearwater Remixed! does not have a 4th wall, so the audience is a huge part of our show. We're directly telling them the story of CCR, and use their feedback to guide how we present this wild tale full of awesome songs. Every performance is different, and the audience plays a huge part in setting the tone and making each performance distinct. I've also loved chatting with everyone before the show, setting them up to have a rockin' time with us, and then getting to talk a little more after the show as we greet them outside!

Pictured: Dan Faber in "Mack the Knife: The Bobby Darin Songbook" in 2018. Photo by Matthew Holler.

This marks your second time performing at FST. What’s it like to be back? What are you most enjoying about your time so far?

It's so fun! I loved getting to perform in the Court Cabaret as part of Mack The Knife: The Bobby Darin Songbook, which was mostly the music of The Rat Pack with a hint of rock. Now, over at the Goldstein Cabaret, we're rocking out night after night and have mixed in some lovely, touching moments. The performance experiences are totally different in that way.

However, the audiences are loving this show just as much as they loved Mack the Knife! I've heard people say, "That was the best show we've ever seen here!" at Mack the Knife performances and at Creedence Clearwater Remixed! performances. It is always a joy to perform for FST audiences. Plus, Sarasota is beautiful! Everyone is incredibly friendly, and it's been a real pleasure spending time back in this community.

Is there anything about you that audiences would be surprised to learn?

The audience is always curious how we "youngsters"which is funny, since we're all in our 30s-40sgot into CCR to begin with. They're also delighted by how much energy we have on stage, and are blown away that we bring that same energy 9 times a week, week after week. Folks are also consistently commenting on how interesting, wild, sad, and powerful the actual CCR story is. And the most exciting part is how surprised people are to realize how many CCR songs they actually know! CCR was a hit machine, and this show is nonstop fun from start to finish.

Creedence Clearwater Remixed! is now playing in FST's Goldstein Cabaret. For tickets and more information, click here.


Header Image: Krista Buccellato, Adam Machart, Dan Faber, and Vaden Thurgood. Photo by John Jones.