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Go Backstage or Onstage With The FST School

February 9, 2023

Has an FST production ever inspired you to want to get involved in the theatre as a creator or arts appreciator? From center stage to the writer’s room to the rehearsal hall, the FST School offers theatre fans a myriad of opportunities to dive more deeply into the art form.

At the FST school, students learn from the professionals through classes in Acting, Improvisation, Playwrighting, Theatre Appreciation, and more. Students of all interests and experience levels are invited to discover their artistic home at the FST School.


Marissa Gast recently took FST’s Actor’s Studio class with FST Associate Artist Rachel Moulton, who has starred in ten productions at the theatre. In this intermediate class, students take the next step in their acting journey as they discover new ways to heighten their performance techniques and achieve more believable performances with the help of one-on-one feedback.

“I really enjoyed working on monologues in a class setting,” said Marissa. “It’s allowed me to use them in a different way than I might during rehearsal. I get to use them as a tool, like they’re something malleable that I can try new things through.”

In addition to acting classes, there are six levels of Improvisation classes available. Everyone can benefit from and have fun exploring the world of Improvisation, even if becoming a professional improviser isn’t their goal.

“Our classes have takeaways for everyone,” said Director of Improvisation Will Luera. “Even if your objective is not to perform, Improv has applications for other parts of life: job interviews, public presentations, dates…the list goes on.”


The FST School offers classes in Playwriting, Sketch Comedy Writing, and Comedic Storytelling, giving students the opportunity to put pen to paper and let their imaginations run wild.

“My favorite thing about the writing classes at FST is it’s a safe space to learn and share,” said Resident Teaching Artist Sarah Durham.

One class where students learn how to share their own stories effectively is Spoken Memoir. This class uses autobiographical prompts to support students as they create an original piece of solo theatre.

“With Spoken Memoir, I not only received immediate feedback in class, but also received follow-ups after class with detailed insightful suggestions about our written work,” said Jane Petring. “The teachers’ dedication and professionalism here is outstanding.”


One of FST’s most popular classes of all time is Behind the Scenes, which takes students into the rehearsal rooms of FST productions. In this class, students experience the excitement of the first read-through, dive into script analysis, and trace the detailed artistic processes of bringing a real FST production to life.

Another favorite class is Reader’s Circle, which is like a book club—but with plays. Each week during Reader’s Circle, students read aloud and discuss new plays under consideration for future FST production.

“I was not sure what to expect when I started the class, and I wasn’t sure I would feel comfortable reading different characters’ parts every week,” said student Carolyn Vioni. “But I love it! I am learning to be critical and give my opinion, which is not easy for me to do.”

Whether it’s acting, writing, or theatre appreciation, everyone can find a creative home at The FST School.

“In my 25 years of teaching, I have never come across someone who is untalented or not creative,” said Will Luera. “Sure, some people are more shy than others and I will never force anyone to be uncomfortable, but I will help them find strength within themselves to be confident in different situations.”

Discover your inner artist at the FST school!