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Carole’s Kings: A Tribute to a Musical Legend

February 2, 2023

The Monkees have done it. The Drifters did it a couple of times. Even The Animals and Herman’s Hermits couldn’t resist. When it comes to performing songs written by Carole King, the guys just can’t get enough, delivering the heartfelt lyrics and powerfully moving melodies penned by the famous songwriter at the beginning of her career.

Almost 60 years and a lifetime of awards later, Carole’s Kings are here to grace the Court Cabaret as the newest all-male act with their own renditions of the classics, honoring the legacy of musical prowess and chart-topping hits that is Carole King.

Opening our Summer Cabaret Series, join Carole’s Kings as they explore their love of the most successful female songwriter in US history. From “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” to “One Fine Day,” and everything in between, this revue reveals just how influential and immortal Carole King’s sound truly is, no matter who is singing.

“Having men sing her classic tunes now in 2018 just highlights this universality and continued timelessness,” said Producing Artistic Director Richard Hopkins. “I think it speaks to the creative imagination as a gender-less entity. A woman can write for a man and a man for a woman. It brings a fresh new interpretation. This kind of flip allows you to hear them fresh as if for the first time. “

When considering the impact of legendary singers and songwriters in the 20th century, Carole is the King. Whether writing chart-topping singles for Motown and Rock & Roll groups, or selling twenty-five million copies of her album Tapestry, it is easy to see King’s influence. Surrounding this half-a-century pursuit of melodious excellence is a life filled with tumultuous marriages, politics, and activism, proving the singer/songwriter is an important figure of pop culture deserving of tribute.

Performing onstage for the first time at Florida Studio Theatre are Jordan Aragon, Trey Harrington, and Ken Lear with Thomas Miller as swing. “I fell in love with her simple melodies, but passionate lyrics,” said Creator and producer of Carole’s Kings, DJ Bucciarelli. “More than that, it was the stories behind her songs. Carole’s music is not only beautiful, but important-dealing with marriage, race, politics, and every emotion a human can muster. From the fun barbershop feel of ‘Chains’ to the haunting ‘So Far Away,’ she really does write for everyone.”

When asked to weigh in on the concept of an all male tribute to King, Bucciarelli added, “Most of her big hits have been covered dozens of times by multiple female and male artists. Honestly, I hope that the audience leaves the theatre not only learning more about her incredible roster of music, but that her music is universal and timeless.”