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Nicole Clayton   |   Public Relations Associate

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3/13: FST Presents the Regional Premiere of Rich Girl

2/27: FST Presents Grounded

2/24: FST Extends Piano Men Again!

2/17: FST Presents Gidion's Knot

2/8: FST Presents Older Than Dirt

1/31: Let the Good Times Roll at FST's 50s Shindig

1/30: FST Presents The Exonerated

1/26: FST Extends Piano Men and Clever Little Lies

1/16: FST Announces brownsville song (b-side for tray)

12/8: FST Presents Stalking the Bogeyman

11/21: FST Announces the Opening of Joe DiPietro's Clever Little Lies

11/7: FST Presents Piano Men

10/11: 4 Shows for Only $20! FST's Inaugural Children's Theatre Series Begins Nov. 19

10/6: FST Hosts 50s Shindig on February 27

9/19: FST Announces Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

9/9: FST Announces Winter Mainstage and Cabaret Seasons

9/9: FST Announces Inaugural Children's Theatre Series

9/9: FST Relaunches Stage III Series


Please email Nicole Clayton to request hi-res images for print, online, and other media materials. You may also request interviews with the casts and/or directors of FST productions and programming, based on availability and scheduling. If you need immediate assistance, please call at (941) 366-9017, ext. 338.