Corporate Training

Take your business to the next level with FST Improv Corporate Training! 

From the first moments of any FST Improv training seminar, participants are engaged in the dynamic process of interactive discovery. Seminars focus on creative thinking, transforming conflict, public speaking, utilizing spontaneity, and much more.

Corporate Training is accessible and affordable. Book your session today at FST or onsite at your company. With engaging exercises, participants experience a learning and teambuilding process that is compelling, informative, and fun. 

For more information contact:

Will Luera  |  Director of Improvisation
941-366-9017 x 355 or [email protected]


Will Luera (Director of Improvisation) joined Florida Studio Theatre in 2014. A globally-renowned Improv actor, Luera has performed and taught classes all across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and has appeared in numerous comedy festivals around the world. He studied improvisation with ImprovOlympic, The Second City, The Annoyance Theater, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and Keith Johnstone. He has also taught improvisation classes for The United States State Department, Major League Baseball, Google, Thomson Reuters, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Boston College. Since 2013, Will has worked with the MIT Media Lab, Google, and the Augmented Reality Community to find ways to integrate comedy and improvisation with cutting edge technology. Here in Sarasota, Will Luera has brought Corporate training to such former clients as Flir Security, Sarasota County Schools, Forty Carrots, Ringling College, Eckerd College, and Michael Saunders and Company.

Basic Corporate Training

Teach the skills necessary for your teams to listen, collaborate, and succeed. From the first moments of any FST Improv training seminar, participants are engaged in interactive discovery. Beginning with warmup exercises, participants experience a learning and team building process that's both informative and fun. This workshop is designed to build clear connections and associations between the group's experience and the goals of the organization.

Fee: $100 for 1 hour with 1 Trainer

Off The Shelf Workshops

Public Speaking
Focuses on the subtle body and vocal language cues that are crucial for any individual that does speaking in public or in front of large groups. The workshop focuses on what an individual can do to appear more confident in what they are presenting while being aware of the group they are presenting to. The learning experience has individuals speaking in front of their classmates while the instructor provides them valuable side-coaching on how they can improve their presentation

Active Listening
Works with participants on their ability to absorb content when engaging in one-to-one meetings or large group seminars. The workshop focuses on how an individual can make note of highlights in a presentation and turn those highlights into engaging questions. This skill can be valuable for a manager who interacts with people that all require different levels of attention and needs or an employee who interacts with many customers a day. The learning experience has individuals engaging with each other in several different ways while their instructor asks them to focus on different aspects of the conversation.

Team Building
Highlights the key principles essential for successful innovation and collaboration in the workplace. Participants feel inspired and fully supported while taking risks, learning new skills, and scaling barriers that block creativity and innovation. This interactive and energizing learning experience is strictly "hands on," enabling participants to access the dynamics of creativity rather than merely listening to a lecture.

Creative Thinking
Provides a direct path to creativity by scaling the boundaries of stagnant convention that so often constrict creativity and deplete the spirit of innovation. Driven by the essential ingredient of creativity and innovation - curiosity - Creative Thinking constructs an atmosphere in which novel ideas are generated, embraced, and successfully implemented. Just minutes into the training, participants are engaged in the experience of interactive discovery enabling them to not only "think outside of the box" but successfully interact out of the box as well.

What’s So Funny?
The principles and structures of improvisation to celebrate laughter and the human spirit. This seminar demonstrates that, in business and in life, humor can inspire creativity and nourish collaboration. Employing the collaborative technology of Improv, businesses, organizations, and teams delight in a dynamic process of interactive discovery, leading them to the possibilities created when their "inner censor" is disarmed. This training seminar is completely interactive demonstrating the benefits of integrating improv humor into management, sales, marketing, customer service and virtually any other business function.

Performing Every Day
Is designed to give business leaders, management, sales forces, customer service personnel, marketing staff, trainers, and other professional communicators new, dynamic strategies that will immediately enhance their communication skills. Memorable and powerful business communication is an art form that requires a new, "live" performance every day.

Transforming Conflict
Addresses the process of conflict resolution through the unique adaptation of the structures and tools of improvisation to transport individuals, teams, and businesses away from destructive divergence and toward creative convergence. This interactive training seminar addresses the classic business and organizational dilemma: Will conflict (and its resolution) become incorporated into a dynamic creative process, or, will it subvert the corporate vision and ultimately destroy the potential for innovation?

Group Transition and Growth
Utilizes the principles and tools of improvisation to address the challenge of revitalizing any business, organization, or team experiencing a transitional event. The collaborative nature of improv combined with its framework of positive humor and interactivity can provide an effective vehicle for bypassing the resistance that often accompanies a major change or transition. improvisation fosters skills in communication, flexible thinking, collaborative interaction, and creativity. Success in any improv endeavor is directly related to the cooperation and collaboration of its participants.

The Art of Management
Proposes that the mechanics of successful improv and successful business essentially parallel each other.  The purpose of any improv experience is to give two or more people a task to complete within an unpredictable and unplanned framework. They all engage in solving a problem while creating or discovering something new within a given set of constraints.

Off the Shelf Workshop Fees:
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) / 1 trainer - $400
1/2 day (up to 4 hours) / 2 trainers - $600
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 1 trainer - $800
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 2 trainers - $1200

Custom Corporate Training Packages

We will design creativity and team building programs around your company's needs and never attempt to fit a specific template over your organization. We want to know your goals. The advantage of using our method of improv training is that it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in tailoring seminars for an organization's needs, unique culture, and goals.

Custom Package Fees:
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) / 1 trainer - $600
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) / 2 trainers - $1000
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 1 trainer - $1200
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 2 trainers - $1800

An additional 30 or 60 minute performance by FST Improv may be added to the end of any workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to see their trainers in action as they create spontaneous hilarious sketches, and showcase the classic games we all know and love.

Fee: $325/30 minute performance  |  $650/60 minute performance


For more information or to book your memorable Corporate Training experience contact: 

Will Luera  |  Director of Improvisation
941-366-9017 x 355 or [email protected]

FST Improv tours all over Florida, the Nation and the World bringing their unique blend of scenes, songs, and sketches to all types of events.

Using audience suggestions - and sometimes the audience themselves - throughout the show, FST Improv will create a customized line-up for your experience that will guarantee to make your event memorable. From improvised musicals to scenes starring you and your friends, no two FST touring shows are ever the same!

Improv Shows
Our touring group will put together a custom show for your event. From 15 to 90 minutes, we will create a line-up of scenes and songs inspired by your event, your guests and your ideas. From Conferences to Birthday Parties, just let us know where to go and we will provide a performance that will make your event memorable.

Murder Mysteries
FST Improv has a dozen different types of Murder Mysteries that we can bring to your location. From a Mob to a Retirement Party Theme and everything in between, our actors will setup a night of mystery that they will try to solve before the Murderer strikes again!

Immersive Experiences
Our actors will work with you to create fully realized characters that will engage and interact with your guests to give your event that extra level of interaction that will keep them entertained and engaged with your function.

For more information, please contact Will Luera at [email protected] or 941-366-9017 x355.

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Boston College
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Longboat Key Adult Education Center
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US Sports Congress
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"We had really great feedback from our staff—even from those who were not so excited at first. It was a great team building day and I'm so glad I came across [this] program. I will definitely share our fun experience with friends and colleagues. Thanks for the fun time!"

- Laura Calderon, Boyer & Boyer P.A. Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm

"We had a good time and certainly learned a lot. Only positive feedback for us. 10/10—would do it again." 

- Luda Ignatjeva |  atLarge, Inc.