Corporate Training

Take your business to the next level with FST Improv Corporate Training.

FST Improv seminars will engage your team through fun and interactive exercises to build confidence, collaboration, and creative problem solving skills. By investing in FST’s signature Corporate Training package, you’re investing in your team, helping them grow as professionals, co-workers, and positive ambassadors for your brand.

With seminars focusing on topics like creative thinking, transforming conflict, public speaking, and more, your employees will learn valuable techniques they can immediately put into action back at the office, in the board room, or during their next sales pitch.

FST Improv Corporate Training is accessible and affordable. No matter your budget or staff size, FST is here to help your unique business reach your unique goals.

Book your session today either here at Florida Studio Theatre or onsite at your company.

Will LueraFor more information or to enroll, contact Will Luera at [email protected].


Basic Corporate Training

Give your team a memorable training experience that will spark personal discovery and create a lasting impact for your company culture. In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in improvisational exercises to develop key company skills including listening, collaboration, effective communication, problem solving, and adapting to change. This workshop is designed to build clear connections and associations between group members’ individual experiences and the goals of your organization. By thinking and moving on their feet, participants are engaged in a learning and teambuilding experience that is both informative and fun.

Fee: $200 for 1 hour with 1 Trainer (2-hour minimum)

Off The Shelf Workshops

Public Speaking

If you or your team is responsible for speaking in public or in front of large groups, this workshop is for you. Learn ways to appear more confident when presenting and how to actively read and respond to your audience. Discover subtle body and vocal language cues that are crucial for anyone planning a public presentation or speech. In this interactive learning experience, participants will speak in front of their fellow classmates and receive coaching from the workshop leader on how each can improve their own presentations.

Active Listening

Active listening is one of the fastest ways to transform and elevate relationships. Hone your ability to absorb valuable information one-on-one or in large group settings. Learn to make note of conversation highlights and turn those highlights into engaging questions and new opportunities. Whether you’re a supervisor, work in sales, or are a customer service employee, this interactive workshop will help deepen your ability to connect with others, win cooperation, and earn repeat customers.

Team Building

Strong businesses are made up of strong teams. Whether you’re a team leader, a team member, or an executive managing multiple teams, this workshop will highlight essential principles for successful collaboration in the workplace. Learn new skills, take risks, and scale barriers that block creativity innovation, all while being fully supported by your workshop leader. This hands-on workshop is a must for anyone looking to improve teamwork, build trust, and improve collaboration within your business or organization.

Creative Thinking

In today’s increasingly competitive and constantly evolving world, it’s more essential than ever to be a creative thinker. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore ways of breaking out from habitual patterned thinking, and how to tap into a rich source of curiosity and innovation. Our workshop leader will get your team not only “thinking outside of the box,” but successfully working and interacting outside of the box as well.

Funny Business

In business, just as in everyday life, humor can inspire creativity, win cooperation, and nourish collaboration. Discover the benefits of integrating improv humor into your business, whether through your management style, sales pitch, marketing plan, or customer service approach. Utilizing collaborative improv-inspired techniques, your team will discover what new possibilities are created when our “inner censors” are disarmed.

Performing Every Day

Memorable and powerful business communication is an art form. Whatever your profession or role, successful business communication requires a new “live performance” every day. This workshop is designed to give business leaders, managers, sales teams, customer service personnel, marketers, trainers, and other professional communicators dynamic new strategies that will immediately enhance their communication skills.

Transforming Conflict

Conflict is something that many of us desperately want to avoid. But when we approach conflict with curiosity, compassion, and creativity, we can transform conflict into effective collaboration. Using improvisational tools and techniques, this workshop will help individuals, teams, and businesses redirect from destructive divergence and move towards creative convergence. In this workshop, we will tackle ways to assess and resolve conflict by increasing trust and communication. Participants will learn creative techniques for promoting shared solutions between teammates, departments, and partners.

Group Transition and Growth

Change can be challenging and daunting. But it’s the only path towards growth. Positive humor and interaction can provide an effective vehicle for bypassing the resistance that often accompanies group transition and company expansion. In this workshop, we’ll explore improvisational training exercises to increase skills in communication, flexible thinking, collaborative problem solving, and creativity, so that when your company is ready for its next step, your team is prepared as well.

The Art of Management

Great improvisers and great managers both draw from a shared set of core skills: listening, effective communication, problem solving, and moving the team forward. In this experiential training, we’ll dive into fun and engaging improv exercises that will help us explore the art of management. Participants will learn improv techniques and takeaways that they can immediately put into action to help grow staff morale and effectiveness, energize the workplace, and refocus on company priorities.

Off the Shelf Workshop Fees:
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) / 1 trainer - $800
1/2 day (up to 4 hours) / 2 trainers - $1200
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 1 trainer - $1600
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 2 trainers - $2200

Custom Corporate Training Packages

Your needs are unique – just like your business. Let us design custom team building programs around your company’s needs, culture, and goals.

Custom Package Fees:
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) / 1 trainer - $100
1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) / 2 trainers - $1500
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 1 trainer - $2000
Full Day (up to 8 hours) / 2 trainers - $2500

Add Onto Your Workshop

An additional 30 or 60 minute performance by FST Improv may be added to the end of any workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to see their trainers in action as they create spontaneous sketches and showcase the skills your team members just learned during their training experience.

Fee: $350/30 minute performance  |  $70/60 minute performance


For more information or to book your memorable Corporate Training experience contact:
Will Luera  |  Director of Improvisation
941-366-9017 x 355 or [email protected]

Did you know? You can hire FST Improv to perform at your event. Whether on-site at FST or on tour at your event space, FST Improv can help bring one-of-a-kind entertainment to your staff appreciation event, birthday celebration, or fundraiser.

Improv Shows

Our touring group will put together a custom 15-90 minute show, featuring line-up of scenes and songs inspired by your event, your guests, and your ideas. From conferences to birthday parties, FST Improv provides fully-improvised performances that will help make your event memorable.

Murder Mysteries

FST Improv has a dozen Murder Mystery show formats that can tour to your location. From a mobster whodunnit to a retirement party thriller, and everything in between, our actors will create night of mystery that they will then attempt to solve…before the murderer strikes again!

Immersive Experiences

Give your event an extra level of interaction and create truly memorable entertainment. Our actors will work with you to create fully-realized characters that will engage and interact with your guests throughout your function.

For more information, please contact Will Luera at [email protected] or 941-366-9017 x355.

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"We had really great feedback from our staff—even from those who were not so excited at first. It was a great team building day and I'm so glad I came across [this] program. I will definitely share our fun experience with friends and colleagues. Thanks for the fun time!"

- Laura Calderon, Boyer & Boyer P.A. Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm

"We had a good time and certainly learned a lot. Only positive feedback for us. 10/10—would do it again."

- Luda Ignatjeva |  atLarge, Inc.