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18-19 available cupholders

Available Cupholders

January 3 – 5

Available Cupholders

January 3 – 5

Sarasota Improv Festival favorite, The Available Cupholders, return to Sarasota from Austin, Texas in January for a special series of performances and workshops. According to Austin Chronicle, "If you don't know the Available Cupholders, you don't know improv." 

Available Cupholders: Process

Friday, January 4 at 7:30PM
Picture this: Available Cupholders, assuming the roles of actors, directors, scenic designers, stage managers, tech crew, and even stage hands prepare for the debut of a play. We'll see them work together to keep the show afloat, from bombing and nailing their auditions to performing their parts on opening night. The catch? The dialogue, characters, setting, and action of the play is completely improvised in the moment, based off of your suggestions during the show.

Available Cupholders: Exploding/Imploding Universes

Saturday, January 5 at 7:30PM
E.I.U. explores the brain-melting phenomenon of time compression and time stretching. The Available Cupholders will start by performing a one-minute scene at lightning speed. Then, they'll do the same story in two minutes, then four, eight, etc. They'll explore the idea of time compression, by performing a completely new, improvised one-act play and then repeating it at double the speed, performing it in half the time, then half of that...embracing all of the beautiful mistakes and changes that emerge along the way. 


Available Cupholders: Diagramming The Scene

Thursday, January 3 at 7-9PM
Great improvised scene work is not a mystery. It can be unlocked with the help of several visual aides and acronyms that make wowing your audience with grounded, connected, and relaxed scenes a breeze. You'll come away with a more complete toolbelt that will make building a scene or indeed a longer narrative so much easier. We'll use vocab terms like platform/tilt, 3-Act Structure, Hero's Journey, exposition, call to action, etc., etc.!

Available Cupholders: What The #*$% Do You Want

Saturday, January 5 at 11AM-1PM
It's not just what you say on the phone to telemarketers; it's also a great way to remember that you are the maker of your own characters! This workshop is about giving yourself permission to pay attention to what you're already doing and yesanding it all the way to a fully formed 3-dimensional character with the help of your fellow players. 

Available Cupholders: Anatomy of Story

Saturday, January 5 at 3-5PM
Over your years of being alive, you have taken in thousands of stories. It is in our biology and our culture to consume, create, and learn from our narratives. This workshop is about unlocking latent story muscles in your improv brain that you don't even know you have. We'll run through some games and structures designed to tease that out and get to the heart of your stories.

About Available Cupholders

Based in Austin, Texas, the Available Cupholders have been performing improv together for over ten years. Their over the top energy, antics, and willingness to take risks have made them Sarasota Improv Festival favorites. Consisting of five of Austin’s top comedians and actors, the Cupholders are dedicated to producing improvisational comedy that pushes the boundaries, explores untouched territories, and create memorable theatrical experiences. The group believes that Improv is the theatre of everyday existence. “No one walks around with a script telling them how to feel and what to say all day,” explains Michael Joplin. “We are all improvising all the time. When we do it on a stage we are tapping into the truth and comedy of everyday life.”