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Swan city

Improv I-4ever

Featuring Improv Teams: FST Improv, Swan City, and The Commodore
Thursday, July 20, 2023 | 7PM

Improv I-4ever

Featuring Improv Teams: FST Improv, Swan City, and The Commodore
Thursday, July 20, 2023 | 7PM

Improv I-4ever features three improv groups from Florida's Suncoast, giving audiences the chance to experience a wide range of improv styles, approaches, and humor. Featuring FST Improv (Sarasota, FL), Swan City Improv (Lakeland, FL), and The Commodore (Ybor City, FL)

FST IMPROV (Sarasota, FL) Sarasota’s original anti-depressant. FST Improv is the place to go when you’re looking for some fun, need reminding that everyone is nuts, or have nowhere else to go. Inspired by audience suggestions, FST Improv creates characters and sketches completely on the spot. No one – not even the performers themselves – knows what is going to happen next. It is this element of the unknown that makes every FST Improv show unique, and what makes for some of the most exciting moments onstage.

SWAN CITY (Lakeland, FL) A team of friends started this thing in a town that it should have never worked in, back in 2017. Those friends have since moved on to greater things and now the team that is left is so much better than them and if they hear this let it be known. This Swan City Improv team is Lakeland's Best team. We know this to be true.

THE COMMODORE (Ybor City, FL) presents is headlining show, The Captain’s Wheel, a competitive improv format where improvisers are presented with random challenges they must overcome using their skill and wit. Outcomes are decided by you, the audience, until a final performer is crowned victorious. Who will be the next "Captain?"

FST Improv Cast

Kevin Allen

Tayler Bungo

Christian Corpora

Valerie Dale

Sylvia Day

Sarah Durham

Darryl Knapp

Will Luera

Sal Piccolo

Kyle Shoemaker

Basia Sroka

Autumn Steiner

Danielle Trzcinski

Matt Walker

Shawn McWhinnie

Swan City Cast

Nate Fleming

Christian Jacobson

Connor Jacobson

Andy Windsor

The Commodore Cast

Gavin Hawk

Darryl Knapp

Charlotte Swett

Matt Walker

Ricky Zanker

Festival Workshops

Dive into your own spontaneity with Sarasota Improv Festival Workshops! Our offerings allow you to learn from the experts with intimate trainings led by Festival artists from across the country and around the world. Featuring workshops in a wide range of improvisational styles and techniques, there is something for improvisers of all experience levels at the 2023 Sarasota Improv Fest. All workshops take place Saturday, July 22.