What the Constitution Means to Me

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Fifteen-year-old Heidi put herself through college by winning Constitutional debates across the country. Now, the Obie Award-winning playwright resurrects her teenage self in order to trace the document’s profound impact on the lives of four generations of women. Called “The best and most important new play of the season” by The New York Times, What the Constitution Means to Me breathes new life into our country’s founding document.

What the Constitution Means to Me by Heidi Schreck plays beginning December 7, 2022 in FST's Keating Theatre. 

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November 11, 2022  I  BroadwayWorld  I  FST Presents Florida Premiere of What the Constitution Means to Me


New York Times
“A tragedy told as a comedy, a work of inspired protest”
“Slyly crafted”
“It is not just the best play to open on Broadway so far this season, but also the most important.”
“Rivetingly intelligent”
“Real and wrenching”
“Offers something more than catharsis”
“One of the things we always say we want theater to be: an act of civic engagement. It restarts an argument many of us forgot we even needed to have.”

The Washington Post
“Endearingly funny and deeply affecting... It would be hard to identify a work for the theater with its finger more on the pulse of America right now.”
“It is an act of patriotism to see it.”

Los Angeles Times
“Playful, often amusing, and at times, piercing”

The Guardian
“A five-star Broadway triumph”
“Shattering, galvanizing, and very funny”
“New and breathlessly exciting”

Entertainment Weekly
“The show is a personal journey more than a political one”
“No small achievement”

The Chicago Sun Times
“As hilarious as it is harrowing”
“Highly entertaining, deeply informative, and ultimately hopeful examination of the document that impacts every single one of us, every single day of our lives.”

TimeOut New York
“Has tears on its cheeks and the torch of liberty in its fist.”
“Here is something every citizen must see.”

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"We the People" Gets Personal


Playwright and actress Heidi Schreck talked to MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan about what The Constitution means to her in 2022. | CLICK HERE

Did you know that the word “Pennsylvania” is spelled incorrectly above the signers’ name? Learn more interesting facts about The U.S. Constitution. | LEARN MORE

The Constitution Center sees itself as “America’s town hall” and brings thought leaders together to debate the Constitution. Through in-person programs, an active blog, and a podcast, The Constitution Center works to highlight the constitutional issues that impacts the lives of every American. | LEARN MORE

What the Constitution Means to Me takes a fresh look at America’s founding document, exploring what The Constitution says, who the document serves, and who falls through the cracks. PBS NewsHour talked to playwright Heidi Schreck about how her own life relates to The Constitution. | WATCH NOW

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