"Applying for an internship at Florida Studio Theatre was one of the best decisions I could have made. FST is a phenomenal place to gain a well-rounded experience in the art of theatre while being continuously pushed to work at the best of your abilities. It is the perfect bridge between academia and the real world of live theatre. My internship at FST truly jump-started my career in theatre and working for non-profit organizations."
- Melanie Slusar, Literary Intern 2017-2018

"The structure of FST's program provided me with committed mentors, a welcoming space to develop characters and try new things, and opportunities to explore other aspects of the theatre that interest me. I came out of my Acting Apprenticeship with FST noticeably bolder, more flexible and secure in my career goals."
- Carey Blackburn, Acting Apprentice 2017-2018

"I came to Florida Studio Theatre to further my education in stage management and my understanding of non-profit theatre operations. The stage management internship allowed me to interact with every department in the organization. Secondary duties in the box office helped me expand my interactions to the patron base. these experiences helped me gain an appreciation for everyone involved in making theatre possible on stage, back stage and in the audience."
- Rebecca Li Grady, Stage Management Intern 2016-2017

"Interning at FST was an extremely challenging but rewarding experience. I was trained to wear many hats and become a jack of all trades, which prepared me for multiple career paths. I had the opportunity to solicit the advice and mentorship of many theatre professionals as I began to develop a career. Overall, the experience proved to be a very valuable one."
- Kate Boggs, Literary Intern 2014-2015

"FST helped to afford me the time and resources to foster connections with theatres and artists in the area, which led to many jobs and opportunities once my time at FST concluded. There are so many artists that came through FST that helped me learn the business side of this industry, not to mention having the ability to read and see so many plays for free. I say that I learned my craft while getting my BFA, and I learned how to use my craft to make a living during my apprenticeship at FST."
- Brooke Benson, Acting Apprentice 2017-2018

"Working at FST was a re-discovery of theatre by emersion into the practical side of how a theatre really works. I worked in several facets while there, from Development to Box Office, from Literary to House Management, and more. It was a full and well-rounded experience that proves that a career in the theatre is a possible, viable career choice."
- Noah Scheibmeir, Development Intern 2014-2015, Literary Intern 2015-2016