Perfect Wedding

On the morning of his wedding, Bill wakes up in his honeymoon suite with a dreadful hangover and an unknown woman in his bed. It’s a race against time as he has to either get her out or make up a plausible story before his fiancée and future mother-in law arrive. Desperate times call for desperate measures in this hysterical romp of a love story gone wrong!

Perfect Wedding
by Robin Hawdon
August 8 - September 2
In the Gompertz Theatre


Director     |    Bruce Jordan
Scenic Designer       |   Michael Lasswell
Costume Designer   |    Sarah Bertolozzi
Lighting Designer     |    Jeffrey Cady
Bill     |    Graham Stuart Allen
Tom     |    Daryl Embry
Rachel     |    Faith Sandberg
Daphne     |    Lisa McMillan
Julie     |    Kate Siepert
Judy     |    Jenny Strassburg

"Humorous" -

"A light and frothy farce" - Rochester City Newspaper

"A humorous pinwheel of deception" -

Did you know that Robin Hawdon's comedies are amongst the most frequently produced around the world? Want to know more about the playwright? Click here to read his profile!   

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