Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds is EVERY Saturday in Bowne's Lab Theatre @ 7:30pm

Two teams take the stage in Bowne’s Lab to duke it out for the most laughs. Taking audience suggestions, the FST Improv actors will twist and turn them into something hilarious. Who will win the duel of fools? You get to decide as they battle it out.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online by clicking here or the button above, or by calling the box office at 941-366-9000.

Join us at 6:30pm for pre-show dining and drinks! Reservations are not required, you will be seated at the table you reserved for the performance. To see our menu, click here. To see the seating chart for Bowne's Lab Theatre click here.

Directed by Will Luera



Christine Alexander  |  Larry Bukovey  |  Chris Friday  |  Patrick A. Jackson

Joey James  |  Darryl Knapp  |  Emily Levin  |  Katelyn McKelley  |  Joey Panek

Angel Parker  |  Natasha Samreny  |  Adam Ratner  |  Zach Shotwell  |  Steve Turrisi

"FST Improv rocks Saturday nights" - SRQ Daily

"Hilarious" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Raw, comic talent" - Pelican Press

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