Musical Improv 101-501

Learn the basic concepts and tools to make up songs completely on the spot. In this five-level program, students will learn to think on their feet as well as in verse as we study the mechanics of song creation. Students will sing solos, duets, and full-blown ensemble numbers confidently in their own voices. Classes will be accompanied by a musician, and no past vocal experience is necessary. Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to perform in front of a live audience as part of Mixed Nuts, a student performance.

Musical Improv 101 | ENROLL
Learn to heighten your scene through song with Musical Improvisation 101! In this class, students will work with a musical director who will support them with background music, dance tracks, and fun, simple songs. Don’t worry - no rhyming is needed and no previous singing experience is necessary. Classes will be accompanied by a musician.

Building off of Musical Improv 101, in this class, students will focus on how to heighten their scene work by exploring musical genre. Discover patterns, structures, and techniques to help you identify and perform in various musical genres from Broadway and Oldies to Hip-Hop, Country, and more.

Prerequisite: Musical Improv 101 or equivalent experience.

In level three of this five level program, students will begin to explore musical Long-Form improvisation. Inspired by one single prompt, students will create a montage of scenes varying in musical genre and storylines, tied together by theme.

Prerequisite: Improv 201 or equivalent experience.

Musical Improv 401 | | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Building on the skills we learned in Musical Improv 301, students will dive into Narrative Musical Long-Form in level four. Using FST’s popular When X Meets Y show format as a guide, students will weave a spontaneous story resembling a fully-improvised full-length musical.

Prerequisite: Musical Improv 301 or equivalent experience.

The final level of our Musical Improv program tackles Musical Free-Form. Building off of the first four levels, students will learn how to embrace the strengths and value of short-form games and long-form musical improv formats. Students will weave in and out of musical forms and genres in a way that will entertain the cast and impress the audience.

Prerequisite: Musical Improv 401 or equivalent experience. 

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