Measure for Pleasure

Lust runs amok in this outrageously funny restoration romp. Gentlemen, ladies, and rogues devise cunning plans (for sex), concoct secret identities (for sex), and partake in daring duels (for sex), ultimately landing in true love. Measure for Pleasure is a naughty contemporary farce dressed up in 18th Century style.


Director  |  Russell Treyz
Stage Manager  |  Sara Bubenik*
Scenic Designer  |  Nayna Ramey
Costume Designer  |  Marcella Beckwith
Lighting Designer  |  Micheal Foster
Sound Designer  |  Julie Stemmler


Will Blunt  |  Aaron Galligan-Stierle*
Sir Peter Lustforth  |  Eric Hissom*
Hermione Goode  |  Shannon Noecker
Molly Tawdy  |  Andy Phelan*
Captain Dick Dashwood  |  Thomas Piper*
Lady Vanity Lustworth  |  Sheila Stasack*
Dame Stickle  |  Gabra Zackman*