Masterclass Series

This new offering from the FST School is for theatre-lovers who want to understand more deeply where theatre comes from, how theatre works, and how theatre artists create. 

Led by FST Core Artistic Staff, the Masterclass Series is an intimate exploration of theatrical topics, artistic philosophy, and the power of creativity.

Masterclass Schedule:

The Actors Voice with Jason Cannon: Mon, June 14, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
We all take speaking for granted on a daily basis, but how does an actor elevate such a common activity into an instrument fo emotional power, clarity, and grace? In this Masterclass, Associate Artist Fason Cannon will lead you through the specific steps actors take to prepare their voices to perfrom authentically on stage. 

Improv for Life with Will Luera: Mon, June 21, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
Do you ever get nervous when speaking in front of a room full of people? Do you want to be better prepared for your next interview? In this Masterclass, we will learn to harness the skills of improvisation for the non-actor. Learn how to express yourself more confidently, listen better, and be more present in this hands-on class that will be equally informative and fun.

Earning the Song with Michael Maricondi: Mon, June 28, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
What makes a moment "musical"? Why does song in musicals seem so natural, and how has this trope changed throughout the ages? Join us on a journey from musical theatre's accidental inception through its Golden Age, and up to today, as we discover what makes a story "sing!"

Unlocking the Script with Rachel Moulton: Mon, July 5, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
Last session, Rachel Moulton shared her personal preparation technique as she described her process of taking on a one-woman show. This session, Rachel goes even deeper, sharing how she analyzed, interrogated, broke down, and unlocked discoveries in the script as she rehearsed Honor KillingHow does an actress make choices about character actions, motivations, and emotional points of view? How does she dig until she's underneath the skin of the character? Join Rachel as she once again reveals the secrets of her process.

Inspiration and Perspiration with Jason Cannon: Mon, July 12, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
The number one questions writers getwhether they are playwrights, sketch writers, screenwriters, or novel writers—is "where do you get your ideas?" Bruce Grahm has written for the stage, TV, film, and more, and he has a secret to tell you about inspiration. Join Graham along with Associate Artist Jason Cannon as they explore how inspiration happens, what to do when it does, and even more importantly... what to do when it doesn't!


SAVE when you buy all five Masterclasses for just $99! (Normally $125)