Masterclass Series

This new offering from the FST School is for theatre-lovers who want to understand more deeply where theatre comes from, how theatre works, and how theatre artists create. 

Led by FST Core Artistic Staff, the Masterclass Series is an intimate exploration of theatrical topics, artistic philosophy, and the power of creativity.

Masterclass Schedule:

Acting is Truth with Kate Alexander: Mon, April 12, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
An actor goes where others fear to tread. When watching a performance, an audience member must say, “That character is my mother up there! That is my relationship to my brother! That is how I feel.” This Masterclass will be an exploration of the emotional landscape an actor must traverse, beckoning us to follow and find undiscovered parts of ourselves.

The Actor’s Process with Rachel Moulton: Mon, April 19, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
In the 2017 Stage III season, Associate Artist Rachel Moulton portrayed The Pilot in a tour de force performance of the one-woman show Grounded. In this Masterclass, Rachel will pull back the curtain on her personal acting process. She will illuminate her research, discoveries, and obstacles. She will share how she told such a huge story, and what it costs physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to act.

From Page to Stage with Jason Cannon: Mon, April 26, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
How do mere words on a page leap into three-dimensional theatrical performance? The script is simply the starting point for a collaborative process, engaging artists across multiple fields. In this Masterclass, Jason will reveal how directors, actors, and designers work in concert to transform the written word into spoken truth. He will also provide tips and tricks on how to read plays more effectively at home, so that you can see and appreciate the play in your head before enjoying it live on the stage.

Life is a Cabaret with Catherine Randazzo: Mon, May 3, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
What does it take for a good singer to become a dynamic cabaret performer? And how does cabaret singing differ from musical theatre performance? Vocal technique is only part of it. FST has been developing and producing cabaret since 1996, and now our cabaret catalogue is making its way to regional theatres and cabarets around the country. Join Associate Artist Catherine Randazzo as she reveals the secrets of cabaret singing and explores the deep, visceral response to melodies and lyrics that shape our lives.

Flap-Ball-Change with Kyle Van Frank: Mon, May 10, 11AM-12:30PM, $25  |  ENROLL
From the turn-of-the-century Vaudeville stages to the mega-musical spectaculars of today, tap dance has been dazzling audiences for well over a century. The roots of tap, though, date back to long before the variety acts of the 1920s. Join Kyle Van Frank as he treks through the sometimes troubling, often surprising, and always inspiring history of one of America’s most definitive dance forms.

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