Laughing Matters

2011...Will Boehner ever stop crying? Are bedbugs Florida’s newest snowbirds? Should Mexico become the 51st State? These questions and more will be debated when a new edition of Laughing Matters returns to the Cabaret! A musical Saturday Night Live for Sarasota; whether you lean left, right, or circular, there will be no clean getaways. "Laughter comes frequently" - Sarasota Herald Tribune

Director     |     Richard Hopkins
Music Director     |     John Franceschina
Choreographer     |     Stephen Hope
Costume and Scenic Designer     |     Marcella Beckwith
Sound Engineer     |     John Valines
Lighting Designer     |     Michael Jackson
Stage Manager     |     Theresa Hindersinn

Writing Team
Head Writer     |     Rebecca Langford
Contributing Writers     |     Stephan deGhelder, Bobby Mitchell, Jim Prosser and Adam Ratner
Additional Material by     |     W. Joseph Matheson and Traci Kanaan

Jamie Day
Gavin Esham
Stephen Hope
Richie McCall