Featured Donors


Dennis & Graci McGillicuddy   |   Board President   |   Season Underwriters

We would describe FST as a non-profit professional theater who has a mission we deeply believe in, a management team that excels in every aspect of what the mission calls for and a culture that treasures our artists, our audience and ultimately, our humanity. We think of professionalism, financial responsibility and dedication to making the world a better place through theater.
Although our memories are filled with so many great moments where the magic of theater transformed us and taught us so much about ourselves and humanity, probably our most poignant story came from the Write-A-Play Program. A play was written by a little girl whose Dad was in prison; she didn't know where he was….just that he was far away.   They had a ritual that every night at a certain time they would look at the moon and "talk" to each other…there isn't an evening when we see the moon, that we don't think of that deep connection that little girl had with her Dad.
FST is important to us because we believe so strongly in the transformative power of the arts. For close to 30 years now, we have been so fortunate to experience first-hand how that transformative power works its magic in the hands of an organization that is not only experienced and dedicated but so highly skilled in their craft. The values of the theater and its leadership, as reflected in its mission, and as manifested in its work, whether it be on the main stage, in the cabaret, and in its education and community outreach programs, are values that we so strongly believe in. As a consequence, it is a privilege for us to be a part of, and supportive of this great theater.

GC 25Gulf Coast Community Foundation   |   Season Underwriters

Together with its donors, Gulf Coast creatively invests in unique cultural assets like Florida Studio Theatre. Gulf Coast is the philanthropic home of more than 550 families who have established charitable funds there and together they have invested over $178 million in grants in the areas of arts and culture, health and human services, civic and economic development, education, and the environment. Learn more about their bold and proactive philanthropy at GulfCoastCF.org.

Georgia Court   |   Board Trustee   |   Season Underwriter

I love great theater and FST delivers that.  FST is among the best theater companies I have seen, but it is more than a theater company.  It is an organization that recognizes it is part of the greater community--and it reaches out to that community in positive, productive ways.  Having FST so accessible adds to the joy of living in the fabulous arts community that is Sarasota.

Gaele Barthold   |   Board Trustee   |   Season Underwriter

FST is family and an integral part of my life.  Its community contributions are myriad and a model of theatrical excellence. Quality and diverse stage productions at affordable prices are but one component of FST’s offerings. Other contributions include extensive contact with local schools to foster student creativity and theatre appreciation, structured and wide-ranging educational programs for adults and children, community forums and other community outreach programs, and a strong commitment to new play development and excellence in the arts.  FST is a gem that warrants our widespread financial and artistic support.

Bob & Bonny Israeloff   |  Board Trustee  |   Winter Mainstage Underwriters

Our favorite FST story happened while attending a performance for the first time, many years ago and saying, "This is theater! Do they have a season subscription?!"  FST is thought provoking, Broadway worthy theater.  We believe FST is important because it enriches our community; helps make Sarasota what it is.  This is why we have proudly contributed to past expansions; especially the new Gompertz Theatre complex, to aid FST’s mission in being ever more accessible to the public.

Shirley Fein |   Winter Mainstage Underwriter

My love for theatre developed when I left the family farm in Connecticut to live and work in New York City. The bright lights mesmerized me, and stage performances delighted me. In 1998, my late husband Arnold and I retired to Longboat Key from the Garden State of New Jersey. We found much more in our new location than beautiful beaches and warm sand. Within a short time of arriving here in paradise, we discovered the vibrant and exciting cultural tapestry in Sarasota, woven with theatre, music, art, dance, and lectures, to name a few. Thus began my association with the Florida Studio Theatre.

My support of FST was immediate. I felt a comfortable intimacy and a grandeur regarding their intellectually stimulating and entertaining performances. I salute FST for having exceptional management, a friendly and caring staff and performers extraordinaire! It is my sincere pleasure to be an Underwriter of the 2018-19 Winter Mainstage Season, full of new and exciting productions for us all to enjoy. See you there!

Carol G. Rickard, Gluck Family Foundation   |   Co-Producer

In 1986, my mother moved to Sarasota from New York and immediately supported FST as co-producer. A lifelong theater-lover, she knew FST was special, and I soon learned she was right.  Since 1996, I have watched the theater grow in size, scope, and offerings for all audiences. I enjoy FST’s cutting-edge plays, theatre that make one think and addresses society’s compelling issues. Additionally, I am involved with FST’s play development program. I follow in my mother’s footsteps as co-producer to support a unique theater.