Dad's Garage

Improv troupe Dad's Garage (Atlanta, GA) is staying after the 11th Annual Sarasota Improv Festival with performances and workshops!

The long-running Dad's Garage mystery format, Murder, She Improvised, comes to Sarasota July 19 and 20. A heinous murder has been committed at the top of the show. The list of suspects is ridiculous, and our Detective will have only their wits, along with the audience’s (somewhat) helpful suggestions, to help solve the murder! Can they do it?? Probably not, but don’t ask us who did it… it’s entirely improvised! 

WHEN July 19 and 20 | 7:30PM 

Ticket Pricing:

Limited Vision: $15
Regular: $18

Want to learn from the pros? Click the "Workshops" tab above for opportunities to study with Dad's Garage.

Dad's Garage

About Dad's Garage
Dad's Garage is a comedy improv theatre located in Atlanta, GA where you can find scripted plays, improv classes, and Atlanta improv comedy every Thursday - Saturday. Dad’s Garage engages, cultivates, and inspires artists and audiences alike by producing innovative, scripted, and improvised works that are recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for being undeniably awesome.



Caring About Stuff! 
Tuesday, July 16 6-9PM
Fee: $45/class or $120 for all three.

In life, we constantly have feelings about what we want to do, things we want to keep and words that we just can't wait to say. But sometimes when we are improvising we find ourselves marooned on stage, not sure what to say or what to do, we are just lost. This workshop gives you the tools to combat those uncertain moments by caring about something in your scene work, making it as effortless as living your life.

Makin’ It Worse

Wednesday, July 17 6-9PM
Fee: $45/class or $120 for all three.

Pour fuel on the fire of your scene work with "Make It Worse," a three hour workshop about the art of exacerbation. Learn how leaning into conflict and celebrating obstacles can give your improv a fresh, fearless perspective. 

Intro to Narrative Structure

Thursday, July 18 6-9PM
Fee: $45/class or $120 for all three. 

When we’re first exploring narrative as improvisers, our stories frequently start off on the wrong foot, get sidetracked or lost or are just dead on arrival. This workshop will teach you the basics of Johnstonian narrative structure to help you establish solid story platforms, introduce fun & effective tilts and create stories collaboratively that will have both the players and the audience loving the fun narrative roller coaster! 

Andy Coen is someone you would consider a person. His comedy style is hard to put into words, but most would agree that he’s moderately funny. He began hanging around Dad’s in 2008, and they’ve had trouble getting rid of him since. He co-owns Automatic Improv, piloted shows for CNN and currently works at Cartoon Network. Through touring comedy across the nation, he has honed several improv workshops and loves to teach creativity through collaboration. When he’s not picking fights on Facebook, Andy also writes and acts around town. Plus, he’s a super nice guy who will usually laugh at your jokes!

Perry Frost performs at Dad’s Garage as Perry Frost, antagonizes blonde women as Rumplestiltskin. Founding member of the all-girl noir improv team Pussy Pearls: Private Eye. Voted “Tallest Female Cast Member” ever since Eve left. With zero theater training before taking Level 1 improv classes in 2008, Perry humbly defers all blame for her biggest onstage failures to the Dad’s Garage education system. The laughs are all her. Perry moonlights as a makeup artist, which means she takes longer than you to get ready, and if you lick your thumb and rub it across her eyebrows, they disappear. Her niche for 3 years total has been performing in murder mysteries. The only thing that has died in the suburbs more than Perry is punk rock. Feather boas are her favorite fashion accessory, snake substitute, and choking hazard. Writing is the new frontier for Perry at Dad’s Garage, and she promises that all of her upcoming projects, like this bio, will contain the word “Pussy.”

Matt Horgan has been improvising since 1994, when he joined the “We’re Not Your Mother Players” while attending the University of South Carolina. Matt has been performing, teaching, directing, and writing at Dad’s Garage for over twenty years now. He has created and directed such popular Dad’s improv formats as Ask Dr. Frapples: Improv Psychiatry, Murder, She Improvised, Nite Skool and Gritty Cop Drama, as well as the wildly unsuccessful Justal System. He has also written or co-written a number of shows for Dad’s, including Benjamin Franklin: American Gigolo, Z.O.N.K.E.R.S. – An 80’s Tit Comedy, Song of the Living Dead: A Zombie Musical, The Going Out of Business Show, Drove, and Chick & Boozy’s Christmas on Ice. He has also had the pleasure & honor of representing Dad’s Garage improv for two European Tours and at a host of tournaments & festivals all over the US and Canada. Matt has been on staff at Dad’s as an Associate Artistic Director since May of 2011, and writes and acts around town. Plus, he’s a super nice guy who will usually laugh at your jokes!