The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

by Jess Winfield, Adam Long and Daniel Singer
July 29, 2009 - August 23, 2009
In the Keating Theatre

All 37 plays in less than two hours! A wild, fast-paced frolic through the works of Shakespeare. You've never seen the classics performed like this! London's longest running comedy comes complete with a hip-hop Othello and The Histories: The Football Game. This is Shakespeare for those who don't think they like Shakespeare - and especially for those who do!


Director  |  Jim Helsinger
Costume Designer  |  Marcella Beckwith
Lighting Designer  |  Micheal Foster
Scenic Designer  |  Lauren Feldman


Michael  |  Michael Daly*
Brad  |  Brad LePlanche*
Christopher  |  Christopher Patrick Mullen*