Comedic Storytelling 101-201

In this two-class offering, we dive into the art of revisiting true life experiences to see - in retrospect - what was so funny. Learn exercises that will help you mine your own stories for humorous and relatable material that will unify an audience with laughter. Students will leave this program with a strong understanding of comedic timing and how to structure a story for comedic purposes. Additional focus will be on presentation skills, confidence, and stage presence.


Comedic Storytelling 101 *ONLINE | ENROLL
Do you have a story to tell? This workshop will focus on how to take that story and develop it into a performance. We’ll focus on techniques that will enhance your story’s emotional impact, stretch the narrative arc, and sprinkle in the right touch of humor to make your performance memorable. Students are encouraged to bring true stories they're ready to share or discover new stories just waiting to be told, sparked through in-class prompts.

Comedic Storytelling 201 | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING
Building off the skills we learned in Comedic Storytelling 101, now we will tackle the challenge of creating two stories in one performance, connected by a larger theme. Storytellers will work towards creating their own 10-minute performances by sharing true stories that are both engaging and entertaining.

Prerequisite: Comedic Storytelling 101 or equivalent experience.

Comedic Storytelling 301 | NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING

Building off of Level 201, Comedic Storytelling 301 focuses on the Anthology, weaving together a 30 minute set of multiple stories that focus on a larger theme. This class is great for someone looking to develop material for a solo show or stand-up set.

Prerequisite: Comedic Storytelling 201 or equivalent experience.

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