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In addition to our WRITE A PLAY program, FST offers workshops taught by our professional Teaching Artists to integrate arts education into your classroom.



2016/2017  Classroom Workshops

Elementary (Pre K - 5)

Playwriting (Grades K-5)

Florida Studio Theatre’s WRITE A PLAY program has been bringing quality arts-integration into classrooms for 25 years! Get your students inspired and excited to write. Our playwriting workshops provide your students with individual playwriting instruction from FST professional teaching artists.  These workshops can be combined with our WRITE A PLAY performances, or offered independently.

Designed to integrate language arts and theatre standards, the workshops use innovative techniques to get your students excited about writing! Over a series of workshops students will learn about the elements of a play, and write and develop plays of their very own. Every student is encouraged to submit their plays to FST’s Young Playwright’s Festival our annual celebration of young playwright’s and educators.

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My Feelings and Me: Emotional Intelligence Workshops (Grades Pre-K -5)

This unique program offered by Florida Studio Theatre focuses on building the Emotional Quotient of K-5 students. E.Q. is one of the most influential predictors of success in school and beyond and an important contributor to school readiness.

Using texts like How Are You Peeling, On Monday When it Rained, theatre games, visual art activities, and other images teaching artists will take students on a exploration of feelings and self. Students will learn to recognize emotions in themselves and others, understand the causes and consequences of emotions, label emotions accurately, express emotions appropriately, and regulate emotions effectively

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Readers Theatre (Grades 1-5)

Students will be fully engaged with selections from classic children’s literature in a high-energy, engaging environment that reinforces key concepts and skills needed to build comprehension and fluency. Through the participation in a variety of theatre games and improvisational exercises these workshops will teach students: current vocabulary, identifying the meanings of words and phrases, determine the main idea or essential message, recognize plot elements, and adjust reading rate based on purpose, text difficulty, form and style. Workshops will be tailored according to the age and ability of each classroom. Minimum of four workshops required.

Literacy Live: Reader’s Theatre for Early Readers (Grades PreK-K)

Developed with pre-readers and early readers in mind, his program focuses on pre-reading skills for pre-K and Kindergarten Students.

Using proven theatrical methodology students will explore matching, rhyming, letter skills, direction, concepts of print, and language skills. Florida Studio Theatre teaching artists incorporate texts that are of the appropriate length and support the Lexile Framework for Reading.

FST’s Reader’s Theatre workshops provide a high energy, engaging environment led by theatre professionals for your students while reinforcing key concepts and skills needed to build comprehension and fluency.

FST’s professional Teaching Artists will fully engage your students with selections from classic children’s literature. Through the participation in a variety of theatre games and improvisational exercises these workshops will teach students: the anatomy of a book, new vocabulary, identifying the meanings of words and phrases, identify their feelings and the feelings of others through words and pictures that distinguish emotion.

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Secondary (Grades 6-12)

Language Arts

Playwriting (Grades 6-12)

This workshop is the cornerstone of Florida Studio Theatre’s WRITE A PLAY program.  Using proven theatrical methodology FST teaching artists will guide students to write plays of their own.  Workshops focus on the 4 elements of a play: Characters, Setting, Problem, and Dialogue and the importance of truth on stage and on the page.

Spoken Word Poetry- Finding Your Voice (Grades 6-12)

Students will explore their own thoughts and ideas through the lens of spoken word poetry. Using rhythm, rhyme and storytelling exercises your students will learn how express their voice as a writer. Classroom themes and topics can easily be intertwined into this unique learning experience blending language arts and theatre into one.

Sketch Writing- Make Em’ Laugh (Grades 6-12)

Do your students love youtube comedy stars and Saturday Night Live? This workshop is the perfect chance for them to learn the foundations of writing sketch comedy. Through improvisation and writing exercises students will learn the basics of comedy writing. Sketches may range from parodied commercials, interview shows, character pieces, original songs, and parodied political and celebrity sketches. This workshop is a perfect way to get your students interested and exciting about writing!

Social Studies

Civil WRITES! (Grades 6-12)

A playwriting workshop that explores American Civil Rights. Using primary and secondary sources students will learn about the historical narratives of important figures in American history and the basic Civil Rights every American is guaranteed. This will culminate with students writing plays inspired by the themes and personal narratives from their research.

 Myths and Legends (Grades 6-12)

This arts integration workshop incorporates Greek Mythology and Drama. As the birthplace of theatre, Ancient Greece is full of exciting and captivating stories that lend themselves to dramatic storytelling. Students choose specific myths to focus on retelling in plays of their own, bringing to life these memorable stories for a dramatic experience they will never forget!

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes (Grades 6-12)

Using the old adage “You can’t really understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes” as inspiration, students will focus on a historical figure and write a play that details an important moment in that person’s life. This workshop can be integrated into any history lesson to humanize and personalize the people who changed our ​world. If you are looking for students to have a better understanding of World, National, or Local History this is the workshop for you!


Improv for STEM - Putting the STEAM  into your Science Classroom (Grades 6-12)

Effective scientific communication is essential for the young scientist, but presentation and communication skills can be challenging for students who are more comfortable in a lab than on a stage. This workshop combines science concepts from the classroom with exciting Improvisational Theatre techniques. The 3 part workshop culminates in a commercial pitch ala TV’s Shark Tank, where students will utilize their public speaking and Improv skills to inform and engage an audience in discussion about a scientific topic. Suggested curriculum integration: The Parts of a Cell, The Scientific Theory, Newton’s Laws of Motion, or Elements and Common Compounds.

College and Career

Improv for Life– Saying “Yes, and” to Career, College, and Life (Grades 6-12)

Improvisational actors use the phrase “Yes, And” to agree with their scene partner and to build upon their partner’s ideas. Using “Yes, And” as well as other Improv fundamentals these workshops teach valuable skills using fun and engaging games and theatre exercises.
Areas of focus include:

  • Public Speaking/ Presenting
  • Creative Collaboration/ Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Listening/ Receiving and Giving Constructive Feedback

A great workshop for preparing students to interview for college or a job!


Being an Ally- Combatting Bullying through Empathy (Grades 6-12)

Understanding our emotions is an essential part to life and to theatre. In this workshop an FST teaching artist works with students to get out of their digital world and back into interpersonal relationships. Students will learn through discussion, writing, and exercises how to practice empathy, listen better, and most importantly 5 practical ways they can be an ally for those around them being bullied or experiencing discrimination.

For more information and pricing contact Patrick A. Jackson, Education Artistic Associate, at 941-366-9797 or [email protected].

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