Florida Studio Theatre is currently seeking the following:
  • AEA Actors for the World Premiere of VISIT JOE WHITEFEATHER (and bring the family!)
  • Replacement Acting Apprentice
  • Designers, Musicians and Music Directors
  • Local, Non-Union Understudies
Florida Studio Theatre operates on a LORT D contract and works with members of Actors Equity Association (AEA), American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA), United Scenic Artists (USA), and the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers (SSDC). Select non-union contracts may be available throughout the season.
For future opportunities, please continually check this page, Playbill, and the AEA website. FST also releases calls on Breakdown Services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Casting and Hiring Coordinator, Alexa Vetter Torres at [email protected]
Florida Studio Theatre is working towards becoming a more anti-racist and inclusive theatre. FST is thus committed to developing a work environment that is reflective of the diverse world that it serves. Applicants from all populations and underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Consideration for employment will be given to all applicants without regard to race/ethnicity, gender identity/sexual orientation, age or ability.

NYC, SRQ & Virtual EPAs - VISIT JOE WHITEFEATHER (and bring the family!)

  • SRQ EPA on Monday, 1/23: See AEA website or email [email protected] for more information.
  • NYC EPA on Tuesday, 1/31: See AEA website.
  • Virtual EPA from 1/24-1/25: See more below.


Note: Abigail and Joanie are played by the same actress. Please use either monologue based on personal preference.

A PDF script can be provided upon request. Please email [email protected].


VISIT JOE WHITEFEATHER (and bring the family!)
A World Premiere play by Bruce Graham
Directed by Kate Alexander

Begins rehearsals: 3/14/2023
Previews: 4/5/2023, 4/6/2023
Opens: 4/7/2023
Closes: 5/21/2023
Possible Extension through: 5/28/2023

A comedy with relevancy. It’s the 1970s and the quirky small town of Beaver Gap, Pennsylvania has a problem. Tourism has declined, and it doesn’t look like there is any hope on the horizon. However, when a passionate resident joins forces with the bewildered city council, they devise a plan to rename the town to honor a dead, Native American war hero who never even visited the town during his lifetime. It’s a plan so wild – so insane – it just might work! 

A note regarding content: CONTENT WARNING: Please note that this play addresses the mistreatment and exploitation of indigenous peoples in America. There are moments of microaggression, racist language, and various inappropriate comments exchanged between characters. Play requires moments of onstage smoking. Similar to Schitt’s Creek or Fargo, these small-town characters are loveable and quirky no matter how misguided they are. 

LUCY – She/Her. White. Plays 28 years old. Grew up in LA and went to Berkeley. Very strong moral compass that guides her decision-making. Owns a gift shop called “Tranquility” in town of Beaver Gap, PA. Her full name is Lucy Stone Dietrichson. No hyphen. Think: A 70s Jane Fonda, Drew Barrymore, Shailene Woodley, Anne Hathaway.

SENIOR LUCY – She/Her. White. Plays 70 years old, but with “more energy than people half her age”. Grew up in LA and went to Berkeley. The strong morals of her youth have been balanced by the wisdom of experience. Think: modern day Jane Fonda, Allison Janney, Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia. ROLE IS CAST – Seeking future replacements only.

NOTE: SENIOR LUCY and LUCY are the same person portrayed by two different actors at different points in life. 

WALT – He/Him. White. Plays 50s to early 60s. An eccentric mayor of a small town. Walt has the best intentions, but isn’t always the best with execution. Owns a ferret named Beanie. Think: a mix between the characters of Eugene Levy on Schitt's Creek and Michael Scott from The Office.

BOB – He/Him. White. Plays early to mid-30s. The casually dressed sheriff who enjoys showtunes and doesn’t carry a gun. “A terrible cop.” Dreams of leaving the small town to find a job he is passionate about – and he’s a theatre techie at heart. Think: Jonathan Groff, Darren Criss, Noah Reid.

CIERRA – She/Her. Plays late 20s to early 30s. Italian-Lebanese American with strikingly black hair. She initially convinces the town council that she is of the birth daughter of Joe Whitefeather. Bold and incredibly confident, wears flannel. The smartest one in the room. Think: Lizzy Caplan, Aubrey Plaza, Emily Hampshire.

MARCUS –He/Him. Black, plays mid to late 20s. Documentary filmmaker who does his research. Explores injustice and moral conflict through his films. He has been commissioned by the “Hoffbraugh Foundation” to make a documentary about the town history of Joe Whitefeather, PA. Confident and intelligent with the soul of an artist. Think: John Boyega, Tyler James Williams on Abbott Elementary. 

ABIGAIL – She/Her. White. Plays 30s to 40s. The hardened town librarian. She is Julie Andrews by day – prim, proper and upbeat- and Lenny Bruce by night. Think: Amy Poehler, Vanessa Bayer, Kathryn Hahn.

JOANIE – She/Her. White. Plays 30s to 40s. JOANIE takes minutes for the town council meetings. Conservative, uptight and stubborn. Think: an older Katherine Heigl, Julia Louis-Dreyfus in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

NOTE: ABIGAIL and JOANIE are two characters portrayed by the same actress.

PATTY - He/him. White. Plays mid to late 20s. A serious looking young man trying to prove that he has grown up. The town’s undertaker who recently took over the family business and is the father young boys. Think: Joe Keery in Stranger Things, Will Poulter, Bill Skarsgård.

Contract: AEA LORT D – Minimum $739/wk 

Select Non-AEA Contracts may be available. Weekly salary TBD based on experience and size of role.


Virtual EPA for VISIT JOE WHITEFEATHER (and bring the family!)


LORT D Non-Rep
$739 weekly minimum

Viewing auditions:
Richard Hopkins, FST Producing Artistic Director
Sean Daniels, FST Associate Director
Kate Alexander, FST Associate Director At-Large and Director of VISIT JOE WHITEFEATHER
Alexa Vetter Torres, Casting and Hiring Coordinator
Sydney Scott, Artistic Fellow

See breakdown for production dates.

Florida Studio Theatre is an established LORT D, Equity regional theatre in Sarasota, FL. Great artistic environment. Equity Contract with competitive, negotiable salaries.

Per AEA, in-person EPAs will be held by appointment in NYC and Sarasota. This Virtual EPA is in addition to the required, in-person calls. Callbacks will be held the week of 1/30 in NYC and Sarasota, following all in-person EPAs and this virtual call.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Florida Studio Theatre, Richard Hopkins Producing Artistic Director, is seeking Vaccinated AEA actors for our final show in the 2022-2023 Winter Mainstage Season – the World Premiere of Visit Joe Whitefeather (and bring the family!).
Florida Studio Theatre is working towards becoming a more anti-racist and inclusive theatre. FST is thus committed to developing a work environment that is reflective of the diverse world that it serves. People who share this belief are encouraged to audition.

Breakdown above.

All roles will be understudied.

Submissions ONLY accepted from 9am EST on Tuesday, 1/24 to 6PM EST on Wednesday, 1/25. Anything sent outside of the range will not be viewed. 

Please slate your name and pronouns at the top of the audition tape.


  • Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue in the style of the show.

All virtual auditions should be submitted using the Cognito form below:

Replacement Acting Apprentice

Florida Studio Theatre, a LORT D theatre located in Sarasota FL is looking for an Acting Apprentice to join us on our 5 theatre campus beginning in December of 2022.

A full description of duties is below:

Perform and teach as part of FST's Children's Theatre Series and award-winning arts-in-education program, WRITE A PLAY. Seeking actors with an interest in education. Perform in and Support the writing of plays written by children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Perform in FST’s Mainstage production of Network. Audition to Understudy our Mainstage, Cabaret & Stage III productions, working alongside and learning from our union performers. May result in EMC points. 

VIDEO AUDITION REQUIRED. Applicants are also required to pass a background check.

Actors should prepare the monologue below for their video audition. Actor should share this audition via YouTube link on the application.

Actors who sing (not required) may prepare a 2nd audition link with 2 contrasting, 32 bar cuts of musical theatre or pop/rock with accompaniment that show range.

Link to Apply

Florida Studio Theatre’s Professional Training Program is an immersive and comprehensive way to bridge the gap between academic theatre and the professional world. This full-time, intensive training program provides learning opportunities and experience to those who are serious about careers as theatre professionals. FST’s Interns, Apprentices, and Fellows work alongside trained theatre professionals in all aspects of theatre operations – from front of house to behind the scenes and from the administrative offices to center stage.

Compensation Package Includes:

  • Free, furnished shared housing, including utilities, cable, and internet.
  • $230 weekly stipend.
  • 25% discount at FST's Green Room Café & Bar.
  • Two comp tickets to each FST production.
  • Professional development, networking opportunities, and free admission to FST classes & workshops.

To Be Eligible For Consideration, Applicants Must:

  • Be at least 21 years old (at least 18 years old for Summer Interns)
  • Have appropriate academic and/or professional experience.
  • Be able to relocate to Sarasota for the length of the program.

Link to Apply

Designers, Musicians and Music Directors

We are always accepting resumes, demos and portfolios from qualified artists. Please reach out with your materials at any time.


If you are a Sarasota local interested in paid, non-union understudy opportunities for the future, please contact [email protected]