In the Belly of the Beast

An alarming docu-drama, which explores the criminal mind. A delinquent foster child, Jack Henry Abbott was imprisoned at a young age. He was robbed of nurturing, cut off from any human contact for more than twenty years. Knowing only primal survival instincts, he lived a constant struggle to remain human, like a solitary light bulb flickering in and out of Sanity. Once released into the world, the ravishing beast inside took over any human spirit he had left.


Director  |  Debra Whitfield
Stage Manager  |  Karen Ivester*
Scenic Designer  |  Lauren Feldman
Costume Designer  |  Marcella Beckwith
Lighting Designer  |  Colleen Jennings


Actor #2  |  Douglas Coler*
Actor #1  |  Patrick Jones*
Abbott  |  David Sitler*