52 Card Pick Up

52 suggestions. 1 play. You define the characters. You define the locations. Then you get to put the hurdles in their way and direct the choices they make just by filling out the cards on your table pre-show. At the top of the show, an all-knowing storyteller (the one with all the cards) will begin to tell a tale that has never been told before and will never be told again using 52 randomly selected cards. Will it be delightfully frenzied or mysterious and satirically sinister? In this improvised full length play no one knows what is going to happen next- not even the actors.

52 Card Pick Up is playing from January 24th through April 12, 2014. Specific dates and show times are below.

Single tickets are ONLY $15!
To purchase tickets call the box office at 941-366-9000.

52 Card Pick Up performance schedule:

April 4             7:30pm
April 12           7:30pm

Rebecca Hopkins
Christine Alexander
Tim Beasley
Chris Friday
Patrick A. Jackson
Rebecca Hopkins
Darryl Knapp
Emily Levin
Angel Parker
Adam Ratner
Jon Sheridan
Steve Turrisi

with Nathaniel Stevens on piano