2022 Burdick Play Reading Festival

Be among the first to see three exciting new plays in progress at the 2022 Burdick Play Reading Festival!

New Play Development is the lifeblood of Florida Studio Theatre. Reading series, like the Richard and Betty Burdick Play Reading Festival, provide select works in progress with a platform, a live audience, artistic support, and valuable feedback in order to nurture the development of new plays for the stage. To date, FST has produced over 30 world premieres, many of which have been supported and nurtured through FST’s New Play Development program.

2022 Burdick Play Reading Festival
New Plays Commissioned and Developed by Florida Studio Theatre

by Rachel Lynett

WHEN May 6 @ 3PM
COST $10 | BUY 

Carry Me follows four abolitionist suffragettes in Philadelphia from 1832 – to 1838. Sisters Harriet and Margaretta Forten come from a wealthy Black family with a legacy of activism. Angelina, a white woman disowned by her plantation-owning father, is eager to help - but has much to learn about allyship. Lucretia, an old friend of the Fortens, is devoted to both the sisters and their causes. Dismissed by male abolitionists and snubbed by white suffragettes, the women form their own group to end slavery and win the right to vote. But which should come first? Facing division within their group and violence from without, can these women survive long enough to achieve their goals?