16 Imagination Adventures

The Plays Are Here!

Join us for the final show of our 25th Anniversary WRITE A PLAY season, Imagination Adventures. Wise, heartfelt, and often hilarious, this anthology of Award-winning short plays highlights the most CREATIVE and IMAGINATIVE writing from Elementary school students. Performed by a cast of professional actors these authentic stories from the minds of children contain laughter, lessons, and learning for us all.

Imagination Adventures runs from April 12, 2016 - May 27, 2016 with showtimes at 9:45, 11:00 & 12:15pm. Tickets are $6 each* and can be purchased by calling Patrick A. Jackson at (941) 366-9797. *Special pricing available for Title I schools, please call for more information.

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We are proud to present the 25th Anniversary of the WRITE A PLAY program. WRITE A PLAY is a year-round comprehensive arts integration program with a unique blend of professional plays, exciting theatre experiences, and in-class workshops. Through participatory learning with a special emphasis on literacy, this program has developed an impressive record of success, reaching over 50,000 students annually.

All Students are encouraged to submit their work to FST’s Young Playwrights Festival, which celebrates those students and their teachers, whose plays show a strong understanding for the theatrical process involved in writing a play and reveal a budding creative talent that deserves congratulations! For more information, or to submit a play please click here.

Arts integration is proven to make students happier and improve test scores. You don’t have to take our word for it, check out this article from Education Week about the value of arts integration.



Adapted by Beth Duda and Adam Ratner
(At FST) in the Keating Theatre
Begins September 29, 2015

The Play that Sets the Example
This classic fable of love, deceit, and vanity is given a modern twist. A father, eager for his daughter Millie to win the King’s heart, claims that she can spin straw into gold. When Millie and her sister Tillie are forced to complete the task or face dire circumstances, they take an offer made by a mysterious man. Will they all live happily ever after, or will the consequences of their decision threaten their happiness forever?

For the Rumplestiltskin study guide, click here.


(At Your School)
Begins October 6, 2015

The Play that Inspires Writing
Geared to inspire your students to write their own plays and participate in our 2016 Young Playwrights Festival. As a model, professional actors will perform at least two award-winning plays written by young playwrights. The show also teaches playwriting basics by using improvisation and participatory learning tools to inspire writing. Included with the show are up to eight in-class workshops to get your students writing their own plays.



(At FST) in the Keating Theatre
Begins April 12, 2016
*Subject to change based on the Florida testing schedule

The Winning Plays Written by Children
Wise, heartfelt, and often hilarious, this anthology of Award-winning short plays highlights the most creative and imaginative writing from Elementary school students. Performed by a cast of professional actors, the show will include a wide range of genres from comedies to dramas. These authentic stories from the minds of children, just like your students, contain lessons of life and purpose for us all.

For more information and to become a WRITE A PLAY subscriber contact Patrick A. Jackson, WRITE A PLAY Coordinator at (941) 366-9797 or [email protected].

For more information on funding assistance visit www.EdExploreSRQ.com for special grants that would help FST integrate with your school community.