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The following productions are currently playing:

Dancing Lessons
By Mark St. Germain
December 10 thru February 27 - Keating Theatre
Two lonely souls embark on a relationship filled with discoveries both heartwarming and hilarious.

Big Moves, Big Music & Bigger Hair
November 12 thru January 11 - Gompertz Theatre
Tracy Turnblad wins a spot on the local TV dance program and becomes an instant teen celebrity. Can she vanquish the programs reigning princess without denting her 'do?

Dancing In The Street
By Richard Hopkins and Jim Prosser
October 22 thru February 7 - John C. Court Cabaret
Female groups from the 50s through the 70s feature a soundtrack for the hopes and dreams of women everywhere.

Out of Bounds Match Up
October 18 thru January 3 - Bowne's Lab Theatre

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