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All people need a forum for self-expression, a vibrant place to grow and learn. Whether exploring spontaneity in an Improvisation class or portraying truth on stage in an Acting class, we come together, in the richness of the theatrical environment to explore the process of art, the movement of life. FST's professional teaching artists teach the Stanislavski method of acting, which embodies the belief that every person is a deep canvas where life experience, emotion and empathy paint the characters of life, thus bringing truth on stage. 

Florida Studio Theatre is dedicated to nurturing the individual growth of each student.  We encourage you to get to know our theatre and its mission, to view our production and classroom spaces and make a visit to our facilities to ensure your comfort.To schedule a visit, contact Pamela Smith, Education Administrator, at (941) 366-1350 or via e-mail at

The staff is comprised of core theatre professionals trained to teach free of personal dictates.  Our methodology helps each person find his or her own "door" to creative achievement.

Pamela Smith, Education Administrator
(941) 366-1350 - Education Office E-mail:

Our box office is located at the corner of North Palm Avenue and Cocoanut in downtown Sarasota, Florida.





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