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Please download our internship application package here.

About Florida Studio Theatre Internships

The internship is a longstanding tradition in the theater world. Under the vision of the Artistic Director, Richard Hopkins, FST is proud to continue this tradition with a professional training ground for recent graduates to get hands-on experience in the professional, producing theater world.

FST offers several internships year-round for the eager young theatre professional in Theatre Administration, Technical Theatre, and Arts Education.

Read below about all the internships offered at Florida Studio Theatre.

Assisting the Literary department with a variety of tasks, reading and reporting on new plays under consideration, maintaining databases, conducting research, and other tasks as assigned.

Artistic Assistant/Company Management
Assist the Casting & Hiring Coordinator and Artistic Director with casting prep, hiring prep, scheduling, production sound research, special projects and general clerical support. Assist the General Manager in Guest Artist travel and care.

Assist with writing press releases, design of marketing materials, direct mail campaigns and other support. Secondary duty in Front-of-House.

Research grants and grant prospects, assist with special events, small gift campaigns, direct mail campaigns and other support. Secondary duty in Front-of-House.

Stage Management
Assist in rehearsals and running shows under the Equity Stage Manager’s supervision. FST produces numerous shows every year under the Mainstage, Cabaret, Children’s Theatre, and New Play Development Programs. Assist Equity Stage Manger with rehearsals and show runs, keep stage management schedule and paper work, working closely with actors and director, and lead and help show run crews.

Assist the professional costume designer and costume shop manager, interact with directors and actors to help the show run smoothly. Run wardrobe, construct costumes, and some maintenance and other support.

Identify, locate and build/create props for all productions. As painter, the intern will gain experience in prepping scenery and props as well as theatrical painting techniques as they apply to the paining of sets and props for FST productions.

Will gain experience in calendaring spaces, hiring and scheduling overhire personnel, budgeting, expense tracking, inventory monitoring and research. Work with the Master Electrician on maintaining Lighting Inventory, hang and focus, maintenance on shows and special projects as assigned.

Have the opportunity to learn and operate the Yamaha digital sound console during production and operate the SFX computerized sound playback system. Work with the production team on locating and creating sound cues for production and other support as assigned.

Work directly with the TD and designers on set construction, strike, load-in, scenic painting, and show running and maintenance

Education Assistant
Works with the WRITE A PLAY Manager to develop, market, and implement the WRITE A PLAY Program, and provides administrative support to the Education Department and Associate Director.

Acting Apprenticeship
Perform in children’s shows, understudy Mainstage shows and work part time in another area of the Theatre. (Audition required).

Read what the past interns have said...

The Casting and Hiring Internship at FST is helping me see casting calls, acting, and professional theatre from the other side of the spectrum. As an aspiring actor, it's great to see what goes on behind the scenes of a casting as well as fill the shoes of an assistant casting director, just like the ones who I'll be auditioning for. The internship helps them appreciate the office aspect to professional theatre, and appreciation for every aspect of theatre can go a long way. As part of my responsibilities in the office I get to make personal contact with several Production Managers and Artistic Directors of regional theatre's across the nation. In the casting studio I get to read with the actors. No matter which side of theater one wants to be on in the future, there is a lot to benefit from a Casting and Hiring Internship.
-Kent Livingston Casting/Hiring Internship

Working here at FST has been such an eye-opener! I've had a lot of experience in college doing many different theatrical tasks, but FST has really shown me what working in a professional theatre setting is like. On top of learning to work and understand the business in an influential regional theatre, all the staff members here are friendly, helpful and constantly aware of our needs as interns and budding theatre professionals. My secondary duties are as demanding, educational and as important as my internship.
-Ariel Trocino Literary/House Management Internship

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned about myself and my acting training through working with the summer theatre camps. The theatre education internship at Florida Studio Theatre has opened a new door in my mind leading to another possible career in the theatre world. The internship has also given me the opportunity to experience other aspects of theatre production. Florida Studio Theatre wants their interns to succeed and will stop at nothing to see that this goal is met within the company and after the intern’s time with the company has come to an end.
- Matthew Belopavlovich Education Internship

FST was the perfect start to my career. It's here that I've learned how to be a theatre professional. When I came to this program, I had very vague goals, but having been in a program that really allows you--and wants you--to do everything, I have a much clearer picture of who I want to be, and how to get there. Working with the staff here who always demand the best has challenged me to be my best, to think quickly on my feet and to problem solve. I've gotten a huge amount of exposure to contemporary theatre, and made professional connections that will further my career.
-Rosa Schneider, Literary Internship

Florida Studio Theatre has been the perfect place for me to figure out a lot of things: the difference between Educational theatre and a real working - professional theatre company, and also what it takes to get your foot in the door outside of a college setting. Working alongside professionals and being held up to their standards has made me re-commit to the quality of my work. I'm lucky that FST has been an enjoyable place for me to discover these things and that I've gotten to work with so many wonderful people.
-Joshua James Lalonde Production Internship

As a Marketing Intern at Florida Studio Theatre, I gained experience in a wide range of marketing, public relations and theatre operations areas. Managers were helpful in giving me both tasks that I was already capable at as well as assignments in areas where I wanted to gain more experience. After a couple months, I really felt like an important member of the team and was able to take ownership of various projects and duties. When I began interviewing for full-time positions, prospective employers were impressed by the extent of my responsibilities and the experience that I had gained. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to look "behind the curtain" at all the aspects involved in running a theatre. My secondary duties in front-of-house gave me a more holistic view of the organization, and I was able to interact with patrons and volunteers and hear how each production impacted them. To top it all off, I got to live near the beach for a year. It doesn't get better than that!
- Hayley Shanks, Marketing Internship


  • Weekly Stipend
  • Housing provided
  • School credits may apply
  • Comp tickets to performances
  • Discount at FST Cabaret
  • Chance to meet theatre professionals from around the nation and worldwide
  • Hands-on experience in a professional theatre setting

How to Apply
Click Here to Download the application packet. Send in your cover letter, resume with references or recommendation letters and a completed application to James Ashford at

Florida Studio Theatre is an equal opportunity employer, all genders and ethnics are encouraged to apply.

Please download our internship application package here.

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